Candidate Management System

Candidate Management System

As a recruiter, your candidates are your lifeblood. Your success in this profession depends heavily on your ability to spot promising talent, reach out to them, and develop a relationship that, if all goes well, concludes with their placement in a suitable position at a client’s organization.

This can be a lengthy process, so you need software that will provide the tools you need to manage candidates properly through each and every stage of the hiring journey. Exelare can give you the technological support you need for effective recruiting.

Your Talent Pipeline

All those yet-to-be-hired candidates in your system constitute what is commonly called a talent pipeline. In the best-case scenario, your talent pipeline supplies you with a variety of promising applicants who can be called upon at short notice if an opportunity should arise that complements their skills and experience level.

However, hiring managers often have difficulty juggling all these candidates, resulting in a lot of missed opportunities for recruiters and applicants alike. Exelare helps you manage your talent pipeline by giving you a number of useful features, some of which can be automated for added convenience.

The Exelare Advantage

The Exelare candidate management system includes the following features:

  • Candidate sourcing – Exelare makes it easy for you to find candidates on the major resume boards. You can even automate this process to free up your time for other tasks.
  • Resume parsing – You don’t need to spend hours poring through hundreds of resumes—the system can be configured to detect and retrieve all the relevant information.
  • Data storage – Preserve all those old resumes and related materials in a secure, searchable database.
  • Convenient communication – Save time by automating outbound emails to candidates.
  • Collaborative options – Keep track of team members who have contacted a given candidate, and when they did so. You can also adjust system permissions if necessary.