Recruiting Software for Sales
Recruiting Software for Sales

First-rate sales pros are worth their weight in gold because they can forge an irreplaceable bond between a company and its clients. In fact, quite a few thriving businesses literally wouldn’t exist at all without the efforts of a dedicated team of sellers.

There’s no doubt that people who succeed at selling products and services for a living are sharp, talented individuals—and that’s why recruiters need all the help they can get when it comes to finding qualified sales and marketing professionals.

Exelare’s Sales & Recruitment CRM has been designed to address the needs of today’s busy recruiters. Here are just a few of the Customer Relationship Management features that come with the Exelare platform.

Mobile Accessibility – Communicate with clients and team members even when you’re away from the desk—thanks to Exelare’s easy-to-use mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Organization of Contacts – With Exelare, you’ll never again misplace important contact information. Everything is stored in a centralized location, where data can be organized according to your specifications.

Social Media Tracking – It seems as if all individuals and businesses are on Twitter and Facebook these days. With Exelare, it’s a simple matter to find their social media profiles and help you start building strong business relationships.

Multiple Communication Options – Whether you want to send an email, make a phone call, or type out a text message, Exelare can provide you with the flexible communication support you need to connect with your clients the way you see fit.

You can send emails to an entire group of recipients, and transmit text messages individually or in bulk. All communications can be easily arranged in one accessible place, making it easy to review an entire history with a contact. You can even dial a call directly from the application and see who’s making an inbound call.

Recruiters searching for sales talent owe it to themselves to become acquainted with Exelare—the most powerful cloud-hosted recruiting and applicant tracking software available today.