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Businesses want to hire qualified employees. Job seekers want to get hired. Recruiting new talent sounds straightforward enough. If only life were that simple. With millions of candidates throughout the world posting resumes on hundreds of different job boards scattered all over the internet, stumbling upon the right candidate for the right job at the right time can be daunting. Thankfully, recruiting agencies now have Exelare—advanced resume sourcing software that makes the task of candidate sourcing easier and more efficient than ever.

The Leading Sourcing & Recruiting Solution

Find the right person for the right job.

Candidate sourcing is the first step of the hiring process. It entails finding the right people with the right qualifications for a particular job. Each company tackles the challenge in their own unique way. Some businesses turn to specialized recruiters called sourcers, who focus entirely on searching for resumes and procuring the names of qualified candidates. Those professional sourcers then pass the names off to other recruiters who complete the task by screening the candidates, interviewing applicants, and onboarding new hires. Other companies employ traditional recruiters who focus on the entire process at once.

Less Time Equals Less Money

Save countless hours by simultaneously searching multiple job boards.

No matter what candidate sourcing technique an agency uses, the obstacles are the same. To find the right candidates, recruiters need to know where to look and how to look. They must search for precise skills, unique job histories, and niche talents. That takes knowledge. It also takes time. Unfortunately, if a job is left unfilled for too long, a company can lose money and fall behind schedule. Enter Exelare’s easy-to-use resume harvesting platform, which can search numerous job boards simultaneously—making the work of a sourcer more efficient than ever.

All the Resumes That Matter

Gather resumes from all the important job boards.

With the Exelare applicant tracking system, sourcers can access resumes from all the big-name sites—Monster, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, CareerBuilder, Dice, Bing, JobServe, ZipRecruiter—while simultaneously scouring listings from hundreds of lesser-known sites, including local and niche job boards. By allowing sourcers to search thousands of resumes through one simple interface, Exelare makes the process of resume sourcing as simple as it sounds.

Scheduled Searches Boost Efficiency

Expedite the recruiting process with real-time resume sourcing.

If it’s done right, expert sourcing should lead to the creation of a first-rate talent pool. That means generating a top-notch resume database that employers and recruiters can sift through to find their ideal candidate. Our sourcing platform not only allows you to create such an internal talent database, but also to search through it at the same time you’re continuing to scan external job boards on the internet. And since it’s hosted in the cloud, your search will continue while you and your computer are sleeping. Simply schedule a daily search, and let Exelare do the work. That’s the kind of efficiency that matters.

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