Searching for software to help you with your duties as a recruiter? That’s a wise decision: It’s difficult if not impossible to be a really first-rate recruiter nowadays without the right high-tech tools in the office. However, when hunting for recruiting software, you can’t just grab the first deal you see. You have to make sure that the software you’re purchasing can get the job done. Having said that, here are some important features to look for as you browse through recruiting software packages.

Shopping for Recruiting Software

Scalability – If you’re looking for software because you’re new to the recruiting biz, then you need to think in the long term—what may be “good enough” for now may not be so a year or two down the road. Among other things, this means you need software that can grow with your business. This is known as scalability—and it’s just one of the useful benefits that Exelare can provide. Because Exelare applicant recruiting software is based in the cloud, you always have enough space to store resumes and related materials, even when your business demands surge.

Ease of Use – We’re all busy these days, and nobody wants to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to use their new software. Even if you’re confident in your ability to master complex programs, your recruiting associates—present and future—may not feel that way. Fortunately, Exelare applicant tracking software has been designed for easy learning. If you have trouble, you can always contact our support team.

Mobile Accessibility – In our on-the-go society, you need the ability to perform at least some job functions while you’re away from the desk. With Exelare, you have access to a number of mobile apps that allow you to use your smartphone or similar device to stay in the loop twenty-four hours a day.

Social media recruitingIntegration with Social Media – The world of social media—including but not limited to sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn—has become extremely important to recruiters. You need software that provides social media integration that will save valuable time and energy. That’s another key benefit of our recruiting software. Our bulk job posting management feature enables you to post to literally dozens of internet boards at the same time.