Mobile functionality on your ATS can help you hire. Why? Because most of us live on our smartphones and are less likely to be tied to our desks. An ATS mobile app allows you to communicate quickly with candidates at digital speeds from wherever you are. You can work on the go and capture candidates fast before the competition does. Here’s how an ATS mobile app can benefit your recruiting effort and how Exelare can help you close more candidates more quickly.

How ATS Mobile Apps Can Help Your Organization

Benefits of an ATS Mobile App

You already understand the benefits of an ATS for moving candidates through your hiring funnel. Now imagine this powerful functionality on your smartphone. You can quickly move a promising candidate through the sourcing and discussion phase, schedule an interview, and research their background, all from your cell. Short breaks through the day have you looking at your phone anyway, so it’s easy to use that time to respond to a candidate fast and potentially beat out your competitors. With an ATS mobile app you can:

  • Scroll through resumes during your commute.
  • Source candidates while you’re watching TV.
  • Auto dial into candidate screens.
  • Multi-task during meetings and review a few candidates on the side.
  • Quickly refresh your memory of a candidate without cracking your desktop or laptop.
  • Add interview feedback into a candidate scorecard.
  • Sync all of this activity automatically with the entire team in real-time.
  • Call new candidates directly from the app.

Why Switch to Mobile Recruiting?

It’s the efficiency of using a smartphone to conduct anytime recruiting that’s so appealing. The reality of today’s market is the faster you move the higher your chances of snagging the candidate. Mobile ATS is the leg up you need right now to win more often. Why use a mobile ATS?

  • It allows fast decision-making in snippets when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.
  • Keeps you more competitive by responding faster than anyone else.
  • Allows you to multi-task and squeeze in recruiting tasks in between meetings or other activities.
  • It syncs in real-time in the cloud.

Remote work changed how we do business. A mobile ATS is the solution you need for our new remote work world. 

What Features Should You Look for in a Mobile ATS?

Exelare offers full ATS functionality on your mobile device. You can access everything you need with a swipe. Our ATS works with iOS and Android devices so that you can work whenever you need to as long as you have your phone handy. 

You can access all of your key data on the small screen. Exelare is mobile-friendly, easy to understand, and easy to access. The days of being tied to a desk are so over. Our mobile app lets you pull up:

  • Candidate details
  • Job history
  • Candidate scorecards
  • Job data
  • Contact details

You can text or email straight from the app and that data will flow directly into the candidate record. You can view resumes as easily as candidates can submit them. Scheduling is easy and you can do all of this without having to be tied to your desk.

You won’t have to worry about the frustrating connectivity issues that some of our competitors struggle with. Instead, we’ve built native app functionality right into our tool. Our software works with the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Finally, all of your calendar data sync on your device. You can set ticklers to pop up on your phone to give you task reminders. You can even sync your recruiting calendar to your smartphone’s calendar for high-powered functionality and organization when you’re on the go. 

Think ATS Mobile Apps Are For You?

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