How to Lead a Team in 2022

The past two years have changed a lot about the way we work. For managers, however, the question arises as to how we will manage moving forward as these changes become the norm. More people than ever before are now working from home at least part of the time. The culture and connectedness that once bought us together in the office are gone. How has this changed how we manage? What will the leaders of 2022 do to adapt to these changes? What does Leading a Team in 2022 Look Like? Leading in the New Normal Charles Day in Fast [...]

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Text Message Recruitment: What to Say

Texting is now the top tool in your recruiting bag of tricks. The latest data shows 97% of text messages are opened whereas email has only a 15% open rate. Exelare can back this up with our own data from our clients. When using the Exelare ATS, recruiters have much more success texting over emailing or calling. This means you’re much more likely to get a response—faster. How can recruiters use texting effectively? This blog offers tips including a few template samples that will get you noticed. Are You Texting Candidates? How and When to Use Texting The answer to when [...]

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What is Recruitment Software? A Guide

Finding great talent for your business is one of the most important things you can do to be successful – and profitable. But you can’t expect top talent to find their way to you without putting in any effort. That’s where recruiting software comes in. It’s the best way to hire qualified employees while maximizing efficiency in the hiring process. For several years, automation is the name of the game in hiring and recruitment. And one of recruitment software’s biggest advantages is that it largely automates recruiting processes, allowing your business to source candidates while your core staff focuses on [...]

What To Look for When Hiring the Best Recruiters

What makes a good recruiter? It’s a question plaguing companies right now because the reality is that there are more open recruiter positions than even tech roles. Just about everyone needs help hiring. So, for the limited pool of recruiters on the market, how can you select the best one for your company? We have the criteria you’re looking for to help you hire. Hiring a Recruiter? Here is What to Look For Top Traits of the Best Recruiters The best recruiters incorporate hybrid skills into a job that requires creativity, organization, and people skills. The job requires many of the same [...]

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How Exelare Can Help You with Building and Managing Call Lists?

Today, the early recruiter gets the worm. By this, we mean that waiting on a candidate to apply for a job doesn’t work. Instead, the recruiter must develop call lists of passive candidates and reach out to them regularly to nurture them into the candidate pipeline. Hiring the best talent requires research and building a good list of quality candidates. How can an applicant tracking system like Exelare help recruiters build a better list to reach their hiring goals? Here is How Exelare Can Help You Best Practices for Building a Good Call List Sourcing candidates is hard. Some of [...]

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Are Your Recruiters Falling Short of Their KPIs? We Know Why

KPIs should be a carrot and not a stick if you’re managing your recruiters properly. This is particularly important in a candidate market where it seems like everything is stacked against us. If your recruiters are falling short of their KPIs, it could be the market or it could be that you’re using KPIs in a way that doesn’t motivate your team to do their best work.  Some people view key performance indicators (KPIs) as a kind of necessary evil. They’re a way to follow a path toward turning a candidate into an employee. KPIs are an “if you build [...]

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