How to Re-Engage Candidates

Your applicant tracking system (ATS) has mass activity automation that lets you reach piles of candidates with a message. But is that really the best way to engage and re-engage with your candidate pool? It seems like recruiting teams have KPIs that are strictly a numbers game. More candidates equal a higher chance that you’ll find someone to fit the job, right? But what about all of those candidates that are in your database already that you didn’t look at? Are you really working smarter when you open a new job search? Here’s how to re-engage with an existing candidate pool for greater success in hiring. 

Re-Engaging Your Existing Database

The average job gets about 250 applications. You choose one. What happens to the rest? They go into your ATS and possibly, languish. Don’t let that software become a black hole for what could be some great candidates down the road. Engaging with your existing database of candidates for jobs as they open allows you to think outside the box at a time when finding talent is harder than it’s ever been. Think of it this way: Just because a candidate isn’t a fit for the first job they apply to, it doesn’t mean they won’t fit down the road. Re-engaging a former candidate in your ATS can:

  • Re-introduce your brand.
  • Save money on sourcing costs (the candidate is already sourced, after all)
  • Increases the chance that your ATS will become a primary source for hiring.
  • Provide a safety net for candidates who may have fallen through the cracks the first time around.

A good ATS will let you pull data (i.e. candidates) that:

  • Haven’t had any activity for six months to one year (or slightly longer).
  • Do not have a “do not contact” flag.
  • Have the credentials you’re looking for.
  • Have a valid email address.

The message you could send to these candidates could invite them to apply for a specific job or to look at your job board. With this said, there are absolutely three things you must do during every candidate interaction to ensure that the re-engagement process will work:

  1. Make sure you follow all the steps in your rejection process with kindness and respect. That means calling every candidate that you interviewed and not just rejecting them by email, and certainly, no ghosting.
  2. Be transparent during the rejection process. That way, when you re-engage you can explain that, while they didn’t have enough experience for the prior job, enough time has elapsed that they do. Or, perhaps it’s a different job that’s a better fit.
  3. Be clear about why you’re communicating with the candidate, always. Explain what the steps are in the process. Do everything you can to keep the candidate informed and make them feel at home.

Do You Know How to Re-Engage Candidates?

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