Attracting talent isn’t as easy as it used to be. We’re all aware of the environment that led to the Great Resignation, after all, we lived it. Talent attraction has undergone a fundamental shift that has created real challenges for recruiting and hiring teams. Recruitment marketing is one way to tip the scales in favor of attracting more talent. What is recruitment marketing? How can an applicant tracking system like Exelare bring more candidates to your hiring funnel?

What Can Exelare Do To Help Your Recruitment Marketing

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing uses marketing techniques to attract job candidates to your business. This approach develops a strategy and then implements that strategy to create more buzz around a job. Recruitment marketing uses techniques such as:

  • Optimizing a careers page on your website.
  • Showcasing your brand on social media platforms.
  • Using social or other advertising to reach more people.
  • Managing your brand on review sites such as Glassdoor.
  • Promoting your company on job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn.
  • Use live chat on your website to engage potential candidates.
  • Using email marketing to introduce the brand to others.
  • Creating video marketing that engages your audience.
  • Creating written content and sharing it online.
  • Participating in events.

While these are just a few of the best recruiting marketing techniques we could think of, there is one tool available today that can help you manage candidates and your interactions with them.

Exelare is Your Recruitment Marketing Engine

Behind every good recruitment marketing strategy lies a good database and software to optimize it. Exelare is that tool. We offer recruitment marketing software to support the distribution of your job openings across search engines and job boards with one click. You just need to write the amazing copy in the ad. Our software helps you reach job candidates faster. Then, on the backend, the database portion of the software captures resumes and cover letters, building a strong funnel of potential candidates.

Some of the features that will help your recruiting marketing efforts include:

  • Automatic job indexing to further the reach of your ad on Glassdoor, Indeed, SimplyHired, JobServe, and more.
  • Management of bulk job postings across everything from Monster to Dice, CareerBuilder to LinkedIn—and more. You can post hundreds of job ads and manage them easily and efficiently.
  • Automation of social media distribution of your opening. Exelare links to the most popular social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook to further your reach.
  • An online jobs portal where candidates can view all of your open jobs and apply quickly to these positions.
  • Email marketing to the entire list of contacts who have applied to the position. Exelare can also automate this entire process, saving you valuable time.

Ready To Team Up With Exelare?

Organizations seeking to improve their recruitment marketing turn to Exelare. Recruiters love our platform because it’s both highly sophisticated yet very easy to use. We’ve been helping hiring teams differentiate themselves by helping them get organized around their job applicants. We’d like to speak with you about how we can give you a leg up in a competitive market. Contact us—we can help.