Finding candidates is tougher than ever these days. Unemployment is extremely low, creating a candidate-driven market where employers face tough competition to fill jobs. One way to beat that competition is by using mobile recruiting software that makes it easier for candidates to apply for jobs and engage with your staffing firm. 

What is Mobile Recruiting?

Mobile recruiting attracts, engages, hires, and manages talent through mobile technology. In an age where we reach for our phones to check our email and bank balance, find a place to eat dinner, and get immediate information on almost any topic, it makes sense that job seekers want to be able to use their mobile devices to find jobs.  

Currently, 45% of job seekers report searching for jobs on their mobile devices, and 89% believe their mobile devices play an essential role in job hunting. Staffing agencies that don’t leverage mobile recruiting will be left in the dust as their competitors engage candidates using their preferred method of contact. 

Why Staffing Companies Need a Mobile Recruiting Strategy

The world is changing, and staffing companies need to evolve to remain relevant to today’s job seekers. Candidates have lots of choices. They are looking for a great experience—on their terms. They want to be able to apply for jobs on their lunch hour and check in with their recruiter with the flick of a thumb. Mobile recruiting apps can help staffing firms connect with job seekers anywhere, anytime, allowing your firm to reach more candidates and build stronger relationships that lead to more placements. 

Consider the following ways mobile recruiting software can benefit your staffing firm: 

Mobile Recruiting Apps Improve Candidate Experience

A good candidate experience is crucial to your staffing firm’s success. If job seekers don’t enjoy working with your firm, they have plenty of other options. Mobile recruiting apps can help you create a positive and welcoming experience for candidates by making it easy for them to: 

  • Apply. Your application is often the first experience a job seeker has with your firm. Creating a simple and seamless mobile job application shows job seekers that working with you will be an easy and pleasant experience. Mobile recruiting allows job seekers to apply via text or social media instead of attaching their resume to an email and hoping it gets read. 
  • Search for jobs. Put job options at candidates’ fingertips with a mobile app that allows them to easily search and apply for opportunities that fit their skills, experience, and interests.  
  • Schedule interviews. Schedule interviews without having to send emails. Some mobile recruiting apps even allow recruiters to conduct video interviews using the platform, further simplifying the process. 
  • Communicate. One of the biggest frustrations for job seekers is not knowing where they are in the hiring process—or if their application has been received. Eliminate communication gaps with a staffing software solution that allows you to provide valuable feedback to candidates on the status of their applications. In-app texting enables recruiters and candidates to exchange information in real-time, creating a more engaging experience. 

Engage Candidates Faster with Mobile Recruiting Software

Job seekers don’t want to wait weeks to find a job; they want to feel like they’re making rapid progress toward their goals. If they submit an application and don’t hear back from you immediately, they’re likely to move on to the next firm. A mobile staffing software solution can alert you to new applications, allowing you to reach out to candidates faster and engage them faster. 

Mobile recruiting software allows your hiring team to use their mobile devices to schedule interviews and communicate with candidates from anywhere. They don’t need to be at their desk—or even in the office. This flexibility allows your team to stay on top of promising applications and make contact with top talent before it loses interest. 

A Mobile Recruitment Strategy Can Accelerate Hiring Process

A quicker hiring process benefits candidates, clients, and staffing firms. Accelerate your hiring process by using technology to quickly move candidates through your hiring process. ATS mobile apps allow recruiters to schedule interviews and stay in touch with candidates, letting them know exactly where they are in the hiring process and preventing frustration. Technology streamlines the process, allowing new job orders, candidates, and clients to be added to the system in minutes so that recruiters can work collaboratively to fill jobs. Once a job order is filled, a recruiter can close it and begin work on the next placement.  

Recruit the Next Generation

Millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the workforce in the next 5 years. As digital natives, they have never known a world without the internet. They use their phones as their primary problem-solving tools, and staffing companies who understand and leverage this fact will have more success recruiting the next generation—and every future generation.  

Mobile recruiting software puts hiring information where future job seekers are most likely to look for it: on their phones. It also leverages the preferred communication methods of younger workers by using texting and chatbots to answer frequently asked questions and move candidates through the process faster. 

What to Look for in Mobile Recruiting Software

Wondering how to find the best mobile recruiting software for your staffing firm? A great first step is to define your needs. Research to identify what recruiting channels work best for you—and how you might optimize them for mobile. Consider these features of popular ATS mobile apps: 

  • Native mobile app. A native mobile app can be accessed directly on your smartphone without using an internet browser. This creates better connectivity and a seamless experience for users. 
  • Calendar Integration. Many mobile apps have a built-in calendar function to help you keep track of calls, interviews, and appointments. You can also sync your phone’s calendar with the app calendar to keep track of all your events while you’re on the go. 
  • Text recruiting. A text recruiting feature allows you to reach job seekers and candidates wherever they are. With text recruiting, you’ll be able to instantly update candidates on the hiring process, keeping them better engaged. If any issues arise, you’ll be able to respond promptly and take action to solve problems.  
  • Mobile reporting/analytics. Mobile data analytics can help your firm track KPIs and stay on top of activity, goals, and trends, ensuring your team stays on the same page. 

Go Mobile with Staffing Software from Exelare 

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