Texting is now the top tool in your recruiting bag of tricks. The latest data shows 97% of text messages are opened whereas email has only a 15% open rate. Exelare can back this up with our own data from our clients. When using the Exelare ATS, recruiters have much more success texting over emailing or calling. This means you’re much more likely to get a response—faster. How can recruiters use texting effectively? This blog offers tips including a few template samples that will get you noticed.

Are You Texting Candidates?

How and When to Use Texting

The answer to when to use texting starts with an open job. When candidates apply for a job, you should give them the option to communicate with their recruiter via text. This response is recorded in your applicant tracking system (ATS). If the ATS is Exelare, texts can be automated upfront as part of the response to an application. You can also text directly from a candidate record so that your communication is recorded in the database.

We like texting because it gives you a way to more quickly respond to a potential candidate. In recruiting these days, time is of the essence as you are likely competing with other companies for the same talent. Texting is fast and efficient and the seamless integration into the ATS gives you a clear record of the communication between you and the talent. As part of this process, you can even set reminders to reach out to the candidate and keep the relationship going. (That is, mind you, if you use a best-in-class ATS like Exelare.)

So, what should you say to candidates when using texting over email? We have some suggestions.

What to Say When Texting a Candidate

Texting allows you to communicate with candidates in real-time. The immediacy of texting is important when the minutes count in today’s competitive job market. What can you say that is both professional and intriguing?

If you’re texting a candidate for the first time, a short message with a link to the job description is great. For example:

“Hi, (first name). I found your profile on LinkedIn and thought your skills would be a great fit for (job link). Would you be willing to take a look at the role and see if you agree? I’d love to chat with you about the position.”

Or, if you’re keeping a pipeline of candidates warm, set up an automated customized text to ping them when new jobs come out. For example:

“Hi, (name). We just posted three new jobs at (your company) that you might be a fit for. Would you like to learn more about them? Thank you, (your name).”

Do you Know What To Say When Texting a Candidate?

Texting is becoming the new email for successful recruiters. But only if you have an ATS designed to properly manage and automate the candidate relationship over text. Exelare is designed to handle all of the most recent communication innovations that allow you to reach candidates on any digital device. Contact us for a demo to accelerate your hiring process.