Recruiters have a very difficult job. That’s because finding the right hire is a constant process of building relationships with the right people to get to their hiring goals. Depending on the market, and the job, this can be literally like finding a needle in a haystack. To attract more candidates, recruiters must wear many hats and be creative in their approach to sourcing, interviewing, and hiring. That’s a lot of hats to wear. 

Are You Wearing All the Hats You Need for Recruiting?

Marketing Hat

Recruiters need to be able to write and articulate the benefits of the job to potential candidates. Marketing a position to potential candidates requires that the recruiter use their creative communication skills to reach and attract talent. Recruiters should know and understand social media and be able to communicate on a variety of platforms to reach talent.

Sales Hat

Recruiters are also salespeople. They must sell a passive candidate on the benefits of a particular position. They must understand the “pain points” a candidate is experiencing in their current position and how the job they’re offering can alleviate them. They also must have great follow up just like a sales rep, and always go for the close. 

Networking Hat

Recruiters must be excellent at networking. They must be able to spot avenues for good candidates by working their networks and asking themselves who they know. Working on networking skills is a constant process for a good recruiter because they understand that business connections lead to more candidates and more closed requisitions.

Strategy Hat

Recruiters need to understand where to place ads to attract top talent. But they also must be strategic in their approach to multiple open positions that they typically have to juggle each day. They must be strategic in their approach to handling candidates that they need immediately, but also, they must have an idea of what they are tackling in the long term. Building a pipeline of qualified candidates is critical to a recruiter’s success, and this requires that they periodically put on a strategy hat to keep things moving forward. 

Psychology Hat

Recruiters must-read candidates throughout the interviewing process. You must be a good listener and know how to ask the right questions at the right time to move candidates toward the potential hire. This takes a strong knowledge of people and what makes them tick.

Project Manager Hat

Even recruiting for one job can keep you on your toes. Now imagine recruiting for five or more! That’s why a recruiter has to stay very organized and on top of the myriad details that come with every candidate and every job hunt. Organizing CVs, candidate responses, scheduling, note-taking—and more are critically important to the recruiting function. Now here’s some good news: Exelare specializes in making this a much easier and more organized process. Our applicant tracking software can help you keep track of myriad details. Automation can ensure that you’re regularly engaging with candidates. Integration with job boards lets you post new roles quickly as they occur.

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