Attracting candidates online is getting harder. There’s so much clutter out there. But we know candidate engagement is hugely important to today’s hiring efforts, particularly so because the unemployment rate is so low.  

Engaging with candidates is just part of optimizing their experience with your company. Here are some of the best ways to reach out to candidates, connect, and keep them interested in your company.  

Recruiting Success and Candidate Engagement 

Today, social media can help you find out a lot about a candidate before they ever walk into your business. When you find the candidate that’s right for your company, you should have a formula for strengthening your brand image and engaging with that talent. It’s a critical part of the recruiting process that cannot be ignored. Some of the best methods for reaching out to candidates online include: 

  • Build a warm, friendly social media presence that will entice companies to reach out to you. This includes creating smart, fun, engaging social posts that build the image of your recruiters as experts that can help top talent find the best jobs. Make each social post less about self-promotion and more about knowledge sharing or helping others. The same holds true for your company; your social presence should make candidates want to come work with your team. 
  • Grow the social networks of your company and the HR or recruiting teams. The bigger your social networks, the more people will be exposed to your brand and the personal brand of your hiring team. Work every day to retweet or reshare posts to build your network. 
  • Put some effort into your company careers page. Make the page tell your company’s story with videos about what it’s like to work at such a cool, fun, smart place. Offer live chat on your careers page to engage with potential candidates every time they visit. Each interaction should be warm and welcoming. Each interaction should feel personalized and caring, not coldly bureaucratic.  
  • Make it super easy to apply. Make sure your website is fully responsive to any screen, whether it’s a mobile or an Apple Watch. Make applying so easy that just a few button clicks will complete the process. Beware of old school application processes that require candidates to retype their information or other programming glitches that frustrate candidates. 

To improve your candidate engagement, consider a tool like Exelare, a next-generation recruiting platform designed for today’s candidates. 

Exelare Recruiting CRM 

It would help if you had the right tool today for candidate engagement, and Exelare has next-gen features that old school recruiting software doesn’t have. Exelare knows that recruiting today has a sales element; your job is to attract the right candidates and engage them in a way that makes them want to work with your team. Exelare can help by tracking and monitoring the full candidate lifecycle. From your first contact to orientation, Exelare can create a complete profile on every candidate, creating a centralized communication hub between you and the people you’re hiring.

Looking to Attract More Candidates?

If your goal is candidate engagement, Exelare is the software you need to get the job done. Contact us today to schedule a demo!