It’s always difficult to find the best talent but the right software can help. Today’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) can help you find that needle in the application haystack, improve the branding of your company, and beat out other staffing agencies to hire the best talent. Exelare is a best-in-class ATS. Here’s how we help our clients make more placements—faster.

Understanding the Benefits of an ATS

Most staffing agencies worth their salt use an ATS. This type of software is designed to streamline the people process analyzing resumes, tracking top candidates, and recording data by candidate. These tools have revolutionized the hiring process by centralizing and standardizing all of the information by candidate file. An ATS can also help you filter candidates by their skills, post job openings on job boards, track activities, and file documents—to name just a few of the tasks an ATS can handle. 

Some of the benefits of an ATS tool like Exelare include:

  • Organizing candidate documents and managing thousands of candidates and your contact with them. We can improve the productivity of your hiring teams by serving as the centralized hub for every activity related to each candidate. As resumes come in through the Exelare portal, you can add notes, activities, set ticklers and tasks, file documents, and more. Each candidate communication flows through the Exelare software, so you have a record of every text, call, and email.
  • Resume harvesting and sourcing are highly time-consuming. If you don’t have a system in place for your recruiters to manage the hundreds of resumes that come through your agency, you will waste time unnecessarily. A good ATS like Exelare can harvest resumes quickly from hundreds of resume boards and social media sites. This is all keyword-friendly, making the hunt for talent a lot faster and easier.
  • Managing jobs is always challenging for a busy staffing agency, but Exelare can make this easier by automating basic tasks such as posting to job boards. Pipelines can be managed efficiently from our tool along with social media marketing by clients. Intelligent analytics make reporting to your clients much easier, and you can be sure you’ll never miss a piece of placement paperwork when our system is in place.
  • The other complex piece of running a staffing agency is managing sales tracking. Our ATS also provides customer relationship management (CRM) functions so that your recruiting and sales teams can track clients from the prospecting stage to the closed deal. You can access this data on any digital device, for an efficient mobile-first approach to closing more deals. 
  • Powerful analytics is the engine behind Exelare. For managers, having an easy-to-use dashboard allows them to see what is happening in real-time by the candidate, client, or recruiter. Leadership can organize these dashboards as they like, so, while Exelare is preset with out-of-the-box functionality, this tool is also very customizable. You can drill down into the data and reporting as far as you need to go or create easy-to-understand reports for clients.

Partner With the Best!

We know you have a lot of ATS choices in the marketplace today. You owe it to your company to take a look at Exelare to see what a modern ATS can do for your business. Click here to schedule a demo and find out more.