The latest and best recruiting, sales, and customer service software combines modern applicant tracking features with powerful analytics, easy search, storage features, and more. These tools are one part customer relationship management (CRM) software and one part applicant tracking system (ATS). They pull the best from both worlds for a more usable and useful tool. Most of these new applications also leverage a foundation of artificial intelligence algorithms in the code. These features make the software more intelligent and intuitive. But how can these modern features make an ATS better, and how does Exelare apply these benefits across multiple industries?

What Industries Does Exelare Serve?

Why ARE Modern ATS Applications (like Exelare) Better?

A modern ATS is much more than a tracking system. Intuitive features allow you to monitor candidates through every touchpoint with your team. They also offer slick dashboards and reporting so that the progress of your internal teams is documented for accountability and team goals. 

Some of the features of these modern software tools include:

  • Automation that ensures every candidate will know where they are in your process. 
  • Drag and drop for prospected resumes from LinkedIn or job boards.
  • Smart tagging and search that helps you match resumes to the job description quickly.
  • Effective tracking of sourced candidates to help you stay organized.
  • Mobile-friendly platform features for sales reps and recruiters on the go.
  • Easy interviewing scheduling that automates mundane tasks.
  • Advanced screening techniques so that everyone on the hiring team is on the same page.
  • Integration with other applications that cut repetitive tasks.
  • More effective communication that works straight from the candidate’s record.

All of these features and more exist in tools like Exelare. But the real question is, how are these tools used by recruiters and sales teams?

How Does Exelare Work Across Multiple Industries?

The benefit of a cloud-based ATS/CRM like Exelare is that the subscription model makes the tool affordable and accessible to any size business. So, any business engaged in sales or hiring can use the Exelare tool effectively. But some of the industries where Exelare is particularly effective include: 

  • IT companies, whether they’re established or a startup, can benefit from Exelare for tracking tech candidates on social media for better networks and faster hires.
  • Staffing agencies must juggle multiple clients, candidates, and jobs. Exelare can help with distinct tagging features, easy search, and dashboarding to help improve your business.
  • Operations companies including logistics firms can use Exelare to track everything from inventory to vendors. AI automation can help you stay in touch with every resource in your supply chain.
  • Healthcare organizations benefit from the proactive candidate sourcing that comes from using Exelare as your recruiting backbone. You can take precise notes while recording every written communication straight into the candidate record.

These are just a few benefits of Exelare for your business. Why are you using an outdated, unwieldy CRM or ATS that slows down your teams? You can modernize for less cost while taking advantage of the best ATS and CRM features all under one cloud platform.

Are You Ready to Use Exelare?

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