In this day and age, it seems everyone has a smart phone surgically attached to them. That alone means they likely use text messaging in their daily lives. The fact that text messaging is not only simple to use, but also much more discreet than an actual phone call makes it an ideal tool to add to your recruiting arsenal.

As a recruiter, you already use the phone and email to keep in touch with your candidates and the best candidates are going to already be employed. It can be awkward and sometimes annoying for a candidate to have their cell phone or desk phone ringing at work.

Adding texting to the mix makes it that much easier to discreetly message someone about an opportunity, discuss benefits, compensation, work environment, etc. Texting is also great for reminding someone about an upcoming phone interview, prepping them for the interview and getting feedback about the interview at their convenience.

Exelare SMS Text Messaging

Exelare has a seamless integration with Ringcentral’s SMS features ( The integration enables you to send professional text messages to clients, candidates and colleagues. Not only can you send text messages directly from Exelare, but all replies appear in a chat window within Exelare. Please feel free to contact for more information or you can click here to schedule a demo:

This link to the Exelare SMS guide in our Knowledge Base provides extensive details regarding the setup and usage of our SMS text messaging features: