Most small business owners would agree that it’s hard to find a balance between work and life. Small business owners remain the backbone of the American economy, and they work long hours to launch and build their companies. But as the saying goes, all work and no play make for a difficult life for these entrepreneurs. Here are some tips for the small business owner seeking some balance.

Scheduling a Time Out

Small business owners need a time out. You cannot work 24/7. Scheduling breaks throughout the day is one way to build a little more balance into your hectic schedule. You can also try to work smarter, by scheduling peak activity at times when you are at your best. If you’re a morning person, get up early and get most of the work done before noon. Then go sit down or talk a walk outside or whatever gives you a mental and physical refresh. Conversely, if you own your own business and you do your best work at night, can you sleep in the next day to catch up with your rest?

The reality for small business owners is that they rarely take time out for themselves, so scheduling time out every day will help them manage stress, avoid burnout, and find work-life balance.

Use Delegation

Delegating tasks can be hard when you are a small business owner. Trusting someone else with business tasks, when your business means so much, seems risky. Finding work-life balance requires that you recognize you cannot do it all—unless, of course, you’re running a solo business. Delegation of tasks to other employees will free you up to focus on the company’s core needs. Or, it could free you up to take a much-needed break to enjoy your life.

Take Time Off

The grind of work can get to you after a while. Taking holidays off and spending time with your family or friends can help you refocus and recharge. Without time off, you may neglect your health in favor of building your business. While growing a young company is a worthwhile endeavor, it can also ruin your physical fitness into the ground. Take a moment to think about what makes you happy that isn’t the business, and take time off to enjoy it.

Protect Your Health

With COVID-19 still making headlines, health is at the forefront of our minds these days. Neglecting your health when you are a small business owner is common. There’s so much to do you may not get enough sleep or have time to eat properly and certainly exercise is discarded in favor of completing tasks. However, your business success should never come with a cost to your health. Finding work-life balance requires an emphasis on caring for yourself both mentally and physically.

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