Integrating your applicant tracking system (ATS) makes it interoperable with the software you use every day. That improves the efficiencies of these software programs to cut down on redundant tasks and streamlining workflows. An integrated ATS makes your recruiting team work smarter and can even improve time to hire. What are the three most important integrations for your ATS platform?

Top Software Integrations for ATS Software

1. Job Board Integrations

Where are the resumes? On job boards like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. These tools are great for candidates, who can post their resumes and let recruiters come to them while also looking at dozens of open jobs. 

For a recruiter using an ATS, an integration with these types of platforms is highly beneficial. For example, instead of manually posting new jobs into each job board, you can post the job in your Exelare ATS. It automatically feeds the job out to all of these sites, formatting the job to fit each one automatically. This kind of automation is a big time-saver. But the connection isn’t just one-way. Your ATS should also give you access to hundreds of resume boards like CareerBuilder, Dice, TheLadders, Jigsaw, ZipRecruiter, JobServe, and more. With Exelare, if you find a resume you like, just download it into the ATS. Then click the email button and reach out to the candidate. The ATS records the communication directly into that candidate’s file. 

2. HR Software Integrations

Managing your human resources is complicated, and most companies have several different platforms to make it happen. Payroll has its own software, learning management may have another, or you may have a benefits portal or an employee engagement platform. When a candidate is interviewed, they’re put in another database, usually an ATS. But if the ATS doesn’t integrate with these other HR tools, a manual transfer of data could be unwieldy. Instead, look for an integrated ATS like Exelare to tie all of these disparate tools into one organized set of software to make you more efficient.

3. Social Media Integrations

Social media is a great tool to reach a wider audience. You can share job postings and build thought leadership that attracts more candidates to your organization. Many candidates use social media to research company culture before they take on a new job. One survey showed 62% of job seekers look on social media to find out more about a company before taking on a job. The data shows us that social media is now the go-to tool for reaching candidates. That’s why you need your ATS to integrate with business social platforms like LinkedIn or personal sites like Facebook. Without social media, it’s much harder to attract passive candidates to fill up your open roles. But when an ATS like Exelare integrates with social media platforms, your job becomes just a little easier. 

Intrigued by Exelare? 

You should be. Our platform provides these three critical integrations along with AI-powered analytics and a user-friendly dashboard that helps you go from zero to 60 on your candidate search process. Don’t pick your next ATS without talking to our team. Call on us today.