Recruiting marketing is a hot topic among staffing firms looking for new ways to attract top talent. Recruiting marketing is a process of using marketing techniques to attract, engage, and hire candidates for a company. Recruiting marketing involves a strategic approach to using social media, employer branding, job advertising, and more, to attract candidates. Fortunately, there’s a powerful ally in this approach to help you successfully use recruiting marketing. Exelare offers staffing agencies and in-house recruiting teams software features designed to handle your recruiting marketing techniques. Here are three ways Exelare can help your recruiting marketing efforts to find more candidates more quickly.

What Are The Advantages of Using Exelare’s Recruiting Marketing Software?

Reason #1 Exelare Automates Recruiting Marketing

Exelare’s recruiting marketing software features help automate many workflows that bog down your recruiters. From posting job openings to using email marketing, this tool handles a lot of tasks your recruiters used to do by hand. For example:

  • Instead of manually posting to job boards like CareerBuilder, Dice, LinkedIn, or Monster, Exelare does the job for you. You can quickly post one or 100 jobs across the internet and onto multiple job boards. As applicants come in, the system logs the source of the resume. When the job closes, you can run analytics to see which job boards yielded the most volume and the best quality of candidates.
  • You can automate social media posts, too, through efficient integration with sites like HootSuite. Automation keeps your recruiters off social media and in the applicant tracking system. Exelare automates these postings, saving you time and increasing your reach.
  • Automation is perfect for keeping applicants in the loop as well as marketing new jobs to old candidates. Don’t waste time manually nurturing your networks with marketing materials. Let Exelare handle the heavy lifting while you stay on the phones.

Reason #2 Exelare Saves You Time

Our software saves time by increasing your efficiency. Recruiting marketing takes time, but the statistics say it’s working. We know 86% of job seekers use social media when searching for a job. Exelare makes sure you’re in front of candidates at the right time and in the right channel. But putting out marketing materials regularly takes time that you should spend on sourcing. Instead, Exelare can save you time by automating manual tasks. Self-scheduling features keep the candidate pipeline moving smoothly. Automated emails thank candidates for applying immediately, while letting them know next steps in the process.

Reason #3 Exelare Engages More Candidates

Exelare’s recruiting marketing tools help engage your candidates throughout the hiring process. You can automate candidate correspondence, keeping them in the loop and interested if the interview process is running a little long. You can personalize content and automatically share it with a pipeline of leads. The software does a nice job engaging candidates from their job application through to onboarding. This engagement is particularly important because 60% of job seekers say they will walk away if they perceive the process is too long. But if the job candidate receives regular marketing emails from their recruiter, it will help ensure candidate engagement during the recruiting process.

Ready to Learn More?

How can one software platform do all these things? We’ve just touched on just one area that Exelare staffing and recruiting software can handle. If your ATS is outdated, and you’re stuck with manual processes, find out how our platform can handle your candidate marketing outreach—and so much more. Contact us today.