Every organization has unique processes, but each one thrives by sourcing and hiring talent with the skills and experience to make a positive impact. With hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of resumes submitted, how can companies locate the best talent efficiently? Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software can help recruiters and employers hire and do other vital staffing and recruiting functions. From scanning resumes for job-related keywords to tracking candidates throughout the hiring process, ATS software for staffing agencies can improve database functionality and make it easier to filter, manage, and evaluate candidates. 

Let’s Explore 5 Valuable Benefits an ATS Software Provides for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

What exactly does ATS software do? In simple terms, recruitment agency software simplifies the hiring process by providing a central platform to collect and manage candidate data. Companies of all sizes can use ATS software to make their recruitment process more efficient and effective. Consider the following advantages of staffing agency software: 

ATS Software for Recruitment Agencies Simplifies the Hiring Process

The hiring process can seem chaotic without a system in place. ATS software can simplify the process from start to finish, streamlining the recruitment process in multiple ways. The complexity of your ATS software will affect functionality, but generally speaking, software for recruitment agencies can make it easier to: 

  • Source candidates. ATS software can scan applications for keywords that indicate an applicant has the skills or experience to succeed in a role. Identifying top talent quickly can speed up recruitment, allowing you to hire exceptional employees before your competitors. 
  • Manage candidate data. ATS software can pull out important information from applications and resumes, allowing you to track their stage in the hiring process. 
  • Pre-screen and screen candidates. ATS software can automate screening, outreach, and interview scheduling, as well as manage screening results for easy review. 
  • Extend job offers and collect documents. Staffing agency software can generate and send offer letters and add signed documents to a candidate’s file. 
  • Onboard employees. Software for recruitment agencies can assign onboarding materials and track completion. 
  • And more 

Utilizing an Applicant Tracking System Help with Automating Monotonous Tasks

ATS software for staffing agencies can automate monotonous tasks, helping recruiters gain time for more important functions, like building relationships and hiring talent. Job seekers often apply for jobs for which they aren’t qualified. ATS software can weed out unqualified applicants in seconds, saving recruiters hours of reviewing resumes. Spending time on A-levels tasks can improve your recruiters’ job satisfaction and lead to better retention—and less stress and burnout. 

Software for Staffing Agencies Assist Recruiters with Finding the Right Candidates for Open Positions

Top jobs get a lot of submissions, making it time-consuming to manually select the best candidate. ATS software helps recruiters make the right selection by scanning and sorting candidates, helping recruiters make faster and better decisions. The most qualified candidates won’t slip through the cracks, and there’s less chance of making a hiring mistake when making decisions based on hard data. 

Helps Consolidate Candidate Information

Collecting a candidate’s information in one place (application, resume, assessments, onboarding documents, etc.) can eliminate time wasted looking for basic information and allow easier collaboration among hiring teams. 

ATS Software Has Top Quality Artificial Intelligence

Staffing agency software that incorporates AI can process complex data, helping to identify high-performing applicants quickly and making it easier for recruiters to hire top talent. Employers and recruiters can use ATS software to isolate factors that determine success within their organization to create targeted job postings, screen candidates, and address gaps in their hiring process. AI algorithms can help recruiters build a detailed profile of ideal applicants, further refining the recruitment process. 

Next Steps: How Should a Staffing and Recruiting Agency Evaluate a Software for Staffing Agencies?

Now that you know what Staffing agency software can do for your firm, you may want to know what to consider when making an investment. The features you require will depend on company size, budget, and the complexity of your recruitment process, but here are the main features to think about when making ATS software comparisons: 

  • Functional features. With so many ATS software options, it’s important to know the problem you want to solve—and which features will maximize your investment. Struggling to identify top talent? Look for software that creates compelling job descriptions and automates skill assessment. Experiencing poor candidate engagement? Invest in software that creates more human touchpoints in the hiring process. Other useful features for your firm may include the following: 
  • User experience. For your software to be useful, it must deliver a good experience. Look for options that are intuitive and user-friendly, which will lead to faster adoption by recruiters. Busy recruiters may balk at complex systems that add time and frustration to their already tight schedules.  
  • How well it integrates with other software and your job board. When adding ATS software to your tech stack, it’s essential to ensure it will play well with your other tools. The last thing you want to do is install software that will make it more challenging to accomplish hiring tasks. 
  • Cost. Budget is often a consideration when choosing ATS software. Job openings, business size, integrations, modules, and many other factors can influence cost, so it’s best to research your options and consult stakeholders to determine the best choice for your firm. 

Partner with Exelare: One Stop Shop for Staffing and Recruitment Software

Exelare offers fully integrated staffing software solutions with the flexibility to fit your company’s unique recruiting process. We provide the tools you need to source, engage, and track candidate and client data in a centralized platform. Want to keep everyone in the loop without writing pages of emails and spending precious hours on Zoom? With Exelare, your recruiters will always know about hot jobs, your account managers will never miss a submission, and your managers can identify progress and obstacles at a glance. 

What does Exelare ATS Software offer your staffing firm? 

  • Centralized Communications. Get your team on the same page by collecting data in a centralized location for easy access. 
  • Email and Calendar Integration. Exelare can help you manage your digital life by coordinating calendars and emails effortlessly. 
  • Resume Parsing. Why waste time manually entering candidate data when Exelare can parse resumes from email, folders, websites, boards, social media, and more?  
  • Search Superiority. Locate and communicate with candidates quickly with our advanced search functions. We make it easy for you to find what you need! 
  • Status Tracking. Our goal is to streamline the recruiting process from submission to placement and beyond. Need a customized workflow? No problem. Exelare works with your process. 
  • Resume Harvesting. Exelare can automate resume sourcing, saving your team hours of repetitive work. 
  • Outlook Integration. Does your team use Outlook? Our ATS software supports multiple features to make it easy for you to move back and forth between Outlook and Exelare. 
  • Mass Emailing/Mail Merge. Stay in touch with clients and candidates no matter how many names are on your lists. No other recruitment agency software offers the ease, options, volume, and analytics of Exelare. 
  • SMS/Text Messaging. If you aren’t communicating with candidates via text, you’re missing huge opportunities. Use our software to send texts as easily as emails, increasing the likelihood of a response. 
  • Candidate Marketing. Skill market your talent to clients, partners, and vendors, and maximize the value of each application. 
  • Social Media Integration. Use social media to research candidates. Need information for an applicant profile? Find it with one click. 
  • Saved Lists. Build your candidate pipeline over days, weeks, or more by creating and maintaining lists. 
  • Ownership Tracking. Candidate ownership can be complex! Use Exelare to set up rules to make it easy to automate and keep track of candidate ownership within your firm. 

Leverage the Value of ATS Software for Your Staffing Firm 

Looking for software to help your agency hire quickly and efficiently? Exelare is the leading provider of ATS software for staffing agencies. Request a demo today and explore the power, integration, and intelligence of Exelare.