What is the secret to success? This is the kind of question that tends to be answered by a lot of well-worn clichés: work hard, stay positive, don’t give up, etc., but as a recruiting professional, you need to do more than just hang a few motivational posters around the office. You need to figure out how to allocate your resources—time and money—to the right places.

In that spirit, let’s look at five aspects of recruiting to which you should devote special attention.


Candidate sourcing – You need to be proactive in finding suitable candidates for your clients. Among other things, that means routinely trawling social media and online resume boards to locate fresh talent. This can be a time-consuming task, so it’s best to have an applicant tracking system that can automate the resume searching process and similar functions for you. Obtaining tools that enable you to automate tedious chores like these is one of the keys to boosting your productivity.

Nurturing – As you likely know by now, the recruiting pipeline can be a long one, and you need to ensure that promising candidates don’t get stuck somewhere in the middle. You have to keep tabs on your candidate pool on a periodic basis—by sending personalized emails to them or simply giving them a call. Your candidates should feel that you’re thinking of them, even when there’s no employment opportunity currently available. Keeping candidate notes in your ATS software will help you customize your communications.

Recruitment CRM – With all the high-tech tools at your disposal, there’s no excuse for being disorganized. You need a centralized hub where you can store your emails, your saved lists, your client data, as well as all the other various and sundry materials you habitually collect while carrying out your duties as recruiter. This is especially important for offices where different recruiters may need to access the same materials. Exelare’s recruitment CRM provides the tools to do all this and more.

Recruitment CRM

Recruitment Marketing Software – When uploading job postings, it’s usually a sound idea to aim wide and send your post to as many relevant sites as you can. This is another vital task that tends to eat up valuable time. Investing in some recruitment marketing software or a comprehensive recruitment system that includes such software can save you a lot of hassle by giving you the tools the upload your post to literally hundreds of sites simultaneously.

Mobile Software – We’ve said it before, but we live in a mobile world these days, and you need the right gear to accommodate the demands of our modern non-stop business environment. Therefore, mobile recruiting apps are an excellent investment that will give you the tools to stay on top of your game, no matter where you happen to be.