From evaluating the individuals currently on your recruiting team to implementing applicant tracking software they can use, now is the time to assemble all the pieces of an effective recruiting team. Anyone can hire a body to fill a position. You need a team that reduces the cost of hiring by bringing in the right applicants. If you already have a team, you can learn how to pinpoint target areas that require more training or tweaking.

Recruiting Team

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Take a look at how effective your current recruiters are and what makes them that way. Build on their strengths and offer more training for their weak points. Make it known that speed is less important than quality. You want to reduce the cost of bringing in new hires by getting it right the first time. If you are looking to trim the team, take a look at the effort of each of your team members to determine those who may not necessarily be carrying their weight.

Make Connections

Your recruiters need to be able to connect with management in order to identify what traits new hires need to have to succeed. Offer training to make those connections easier and more productive. If a recruiter can’t make these connections, they aren’t going to get the information they need.  You also need to connect recruiters with leaders to learn what direction the company is going in and how they can help get them there.

Implement Technology

Applicant tracking software, such as the tools offered by Exelare, consists of a powerful package that can help your recruiters identify the most qualified candidates. It allows them to pinpoint the right talent without having to look at resumes from those who aren’t qualified. A CRM for communication between recruiters, hiring managers, and others involved in the hiring process is a must as well.

By combining these two powerful tools, you can streamline the hiring process for your entire team. Your recruiters will have a better chance of finding candidates who qualify for open positions, and every person involved will be able to address the details they are most concerned with in the end. Contact Exelare today to learn about our CRM and ATS software that will serve your company best.

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