We are developing at a rapid clip over here at cBizSoft!  Exelare just keeps getting better and better every day.  We released a big update over the weekend with some great new features, updates to existing features, and even squashed a few bugs as well!  Log in and check things out!

Here’s what’s included in the most recent update to Exelare:


Dashboards-Web-Ready1-625x292Our amazing development team has been hard at work building our new dashboards & reporting framework for Exelare.  The framework they have created allows us to build almost any kind of dashboard or report you can think of.  If the data is there, we can probably show it to you visually.

If you log in today, you will see our first set of dashboards ready to use.  Each dashboard has filters so you can change the visualization based on users, date ranges, and other stuff too.  Reports are up next so expect to see those in the next big release.  Have any ideas for dashboards that would benefit everyone?  Let us know in the comments!  We expect to keep making this feature better and better!

LinkedIn Browser Plugin (for Chrome)

As promised, our integrations with LinkedIn will always be improving.  Now in addition to sourcing and viewing LinkedIn profiles in Exelare, you can also add profiles directly to the database using our Chrome Browser extension!  Just log in to the Chrome web store and add the Exelare Extensions to your browser.  Once you enter your Exelare credentials in to the extension, you’ll be off and running.  Just find a LinkedIn profile and hit the button.  Its that easy!

You can grab the Exelare Chrome Extensions here.  (Note:  There is one for Candidiates/Consultants, and one for Contacts.  Feel free to install both).

Here is a handy video overview of the new LinkedIn Chrome Extension:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCXuefWv-Q4

Email Dropboxes / Gmail Integration

Most of our clients use Outlook for their primarily email client, but we have received more and more requests from users who would prefer to integrate Exelare and cBizOne with Gmail and other email programs.  This is especially important if you are a Mac user, since we don’t support the Mac version of Outlook with our xBar plugin.

Our new Email Dropboxes allow you to use almost any email client on the planet to link email messages to contacts and candidates inside Exelare.  We even have a special email address that lets you parse resumes just by forwarding them to your very own Resume dropbox address.  Anyone with access to Exelare can start using the Dropboxes immediately!  Just log in to Exelare, go to your Email Dropbox settings and you’ll see the instructions (detailed blog post coming shortly as well).  To get you started, here are a few videos covering each flavor of Email Dropbox:

Advanced Call List Management

As a recruiter or account manager, your call list is extremely important.  We tend to live on the phones.  We have just improved the call list management window in Exelare and we think you’re going to love it.  You can easily snooze multiple items in one fell swoop, mark calls as done, or delete the calls if you don’t need them any more.  Additionally, hyperlinks to your linked contacts, candidates, jobs & companies quickly take you to the record in question so you don’t have to manually search for anything!  You can also now minimize the reminder window so it doesn’t obstruct your view during a call.

Multitasking Functionality

As many of you already know, Exelare is not just a web based software.   Exelare is a Rich Internet Application (RIA).  That means it is fully web based, but it behaves like a desktop program.  You as the user will see the benefits immediately.  Now you can open multiple records at once, multiple emails, notes, appointment, call and interview windows.  Unlike static HTML applications, you don’t have to save what you are doing before you go to the next thing.  Now you can feel free to multi-task to your hearts content!  We think that’ll lead to more placements!


Of course we did a ton of general performance improvements and small bug fixes as well.  If you haven’t used Exelare in a while, you’ll find its extremely stable and lots of fun to use!

How are you liking Exelare so far?  Any questions or comments?  We are particularly interested to hear what types of reports you would like to see in our upcoming release!  So get involved, and help us make Exelare the (new) best recruiting software on the planet!

Oh and one more thing…  If you like what we are doing, please share this on your Social Networks!  A share on LinkedIn, or a Tweet on Twitter goes a long way in helping us spread the word.  Thanks!