Greetings cBizOne Insiders!  I know its been awhile since we’ve given you an update here on the blog.  I wanted to take some time and fill you in on what we’ve been cooking over here at cBizSoft.

As many of you already know, our next generation of cBizOne is called Exelare.  Exelare is a Rich Internet Application that lives inside of your browser.  The majority of our new developments have been taking place inside of Exelare.  Unless you’ve been diligent about logging in, you probably haven’t noticed these new developments. But fear not!  I’m going to let you in on some of the most interesting new features.  Read on below and then log in to Exelare to try them out for yourself.

New Themes

Combined-overlay-Square-250x250When we first made Exelare available to our Alpha users, we were using the “classic” look many of you are probably already familiar with.  However, with the unique Silverlight framework, we have the ability to produce multiple “themes” that live on top of the same user interface.  Check out our new “modern” theme in Exelare.  Just click on the options menu button on the top right hand corner of your screen and choose the “modern” them.  You can always switch back and forth between modern & classic as you see fit!  As we continue to grow the platform, it’s possible you’ll see even more custom themes in the future.


LinkedIn Integration

One of the most requested features for Exelare has been integration with LinkedIn.  Our team spent countless hours soliciting feedback from our users and scheming on the best way to integrate with the LinkedIn platform.  We’ll let you decide for yourself, but we think you’re going to love what we’ve done with it.  Now you can easily Source Candidates, Import your connections, and even link and update your candidate profiles directly to LinkedIn – all without ever needing to leave the Exelare interface!  The first time you try it, you’ll need to connect to your LinkedIn Account and give Exelare permission to connect with it.

Faceted Search

In Recruiting, finding the right candidate is what our jobs are all about.  Therefore it is imperative to have the absolute best search capabilities possible.  Improving on our already lighting fast advanced search, and industry only live search bar, we’ve come up with an impressive addition to our search arsenal.  Introducing faceted search!  Use custom facets determined by you to easily drill down to sub-sets of search results.  For example, start a search for “Sales, Marketing & Business Development” and then easily filter down results based on locations, salary ranges, groups or anything else you can think of.  Use it in conjunction with Live Search to find your perfect candidate faster than you ever thought possible.  We can’t wait for you to give it a try!

Integrated CareerBuilder & Sourcing

CareerBuilder & continue to be one of the most popular places on the web to post jobs and source candidates.  That’s why as part of our new sourcing platform, we’ve chosen these two major sites as the logical first integration’s.    Now its easy to source candidates from CareerBuilder and Monster directly from the Exelare Interface.  Type in your search terms, pull in the results and with one click you can import any candidate directly in to Exelare.

Luckily this is just the beginning.  It took us awhile to get our new sourcing framework just right – CareerBuilder & are just the beginning.  Look for additions to other popular resume boards coming in the very near future.

Mass Emailing

We have always received great feedback about our mass emailing tools inside of cBizOne.  It only takes seconds to find a list of candidates or contacts and quickly send out a personalized campaign.  It really was a no-brainer to bring this same functionality to the Exelare Platform as well.  As of today you can easily send email merge campaigns on the fly to 2, 10, 100, or of course thousands of recipients with just a few clicks – there are no limits!

HotLists & JobLists

Marketing your talent and of course your open positions is extremely important in a number of different staffing & recruiting business models.  This is why we have always put a big focus on tools that let you effectively manage both candidate HotLists (advertising talent) and JobLists (advertising jobs).  Our HotList & JobList functionality is unique in that you can dynamically send out one job or hundreds of jobs with just a few clicks to any number of recipients.  Being one of the features that put cBizOne on the map back in 2000, we had to keep it for you in Exelare.  Go ahead and give it a try!  You’ll find the same ease of use as you already love in cBizOne.

Advanced Email Options

In addition to the features mentioned above, we’ve also added a few other cool features for email inclined users.  Now its easy to setup multiple email accounts/identities so you can send email on behalf of company email accounts, or even other users.  We have also implemented custom email signatures for easily changing the body of your email messages on the fly.  Create an unlimited number of email signatures for quick reply templates, or different signatures for different lines of businesses or departments.  Email accounts and custom signatures are just another way we help make you a faster recruiter!


So there you have it folks.  As you can see, we’ve been hard at work bringing new features to Exelare.  You can only expect more and more good stuff to come!  Keep in mind that we are still technically in an Alpha Release so you can and will see small errors from time to time.  We are working hard on eliminating any of these before our official Beta Launch.  Your efforts in using Exelare as Alpha users help us to identify these small remaining bugs so we can launch it that much sooner.  So yes!  Please let us know if you see any!

If you are a current user of cBizOne Cloud, you are welcome to begin using Exelare at any time as an additional access point to your data.  Use cBizOne at work, and Exelare while in a different location.  Or Exelare at home, and cBizOne while at work!  It doesn’t really matter since both interfaces share the exact same database.  Any work you do in Exelare is saved in cBizOne and vice versa.  Who knows, you might end up liking Exelare so much that you start using it on a daily basis.  I know I have!

If you are not a current cBizOne user but you want to give Exelare a try, sign up with us online and we’ll reach out to get you started!