As we launch a new year, there’s never been a better time to tackle the workplace dysfunction that’s been holding you back. Increased productivity, improved retention, and even attracting a better caliber of new candidates are all the results of improving your workplace culture, workflows, and processes. If you sense your workplace getting off track, here’s how to fix the dysfunction and improve your business.

How to Deal with Workplace Dysfunction

Understanding Workplace Dysfunction

Workplace dysfunction happens when members of your team lack confidence or the desire to work together toward a common goal. This phenomenon is like cancer; it can spread. Typical signs of workplace dysfunction include:

  • Communication is not open
  • Secrets are used to build alliances
  • Gossip excites and titillates
  • Employees don’t feel safe expressing their true opinion
  • There is an “us vs. them” mentality

These are all big issues that could easily affect not only your team’s productivity but their ability to collaborate effectively. How can business owners fix these issues?

How to Fix Workplace Dysfunction

Start by getting to the root of what’s causing these issues for the team. The dysfunctional team isn’t necessarily the problem. What are the outside influences within the company that is exacerbating or causing the dysfunction? Is management leading more with the stick over the carrot? Are supervisors playing favorites? Has the business leadership failed to create transparency around policies? 

Sometimes dysfunction can be repaired simply by creating a more transparent culture. Start by explaining the “why” behind management decisions. Instead of taking on a dictatorial “this is the new rule” approach, explain why this change is happening to improve worker buy-in. Also, train your managers to really listen to employees. If someone is complaining, practice active listening but then challenge the worker to turn that negative energy around by coming up with a solution.

Engage your teams in creating their own goals to motivate and inspire them. Don’t just set up a group of management-enforced KPIs. Work hand-in-hand with your teams to come up with attainable goals that you can strive for together. Then establish a culture of accountability that creates a positive environment where everyone is working toward the same idea of your business success. 

Are You Dealing with Workplace Dysfunction?

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