A background check is one thing but a social media check takes things to a whole new level. Recruiting teams and hiring managers should take time to review the social posts of a potential hire just like they would review a background check. What is a social media background check and why should you do it?

Why It Is Important To Check a Candidates Social Media

What is a Social Media Background Check?

A social media background check looks at the posts and profiles of the candidates you’re considering for a job. They can be conducted by professional screening firms, but you can also easily do it yourself. Today, two of every five companies say they do a social screen before hiring. While companies look at LinkedIn for a professional profile, they might also look at Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see the “real” candidate. There are some ethical considerations for doing this and there is debate about candidate privacy. However, the reality is that anything you post on social media is out there for the world to see—and judge.

Why Are Social Media Background Checks Important?

We think social media background checks are important. They can:

  • Give you insight into a candidate’s cultural fit.
  • Verify resume details and candidate skills.
  • Protect your company from reputational damage or even security threats.

Stalking a candidate on social media gives employers a better sense of the character and values of the person they’re potentially hiring. You may be surprised by online activity that conflicts somehow with the mission or your organization. The candidate may be involved in unsavory or illegal activities. They may “boss bash” their last employer. All of these pursuits add up to a candidate who could be potentially toxic or disruptive.

That’s the real value of a social media background check. The interviewing process gives you a glimpse of the candidate’s professional life. But at the end of it do you feel like you know them as a person? The social media background check allows a peek at what matters to the worker, not just the profile they present to employers. These checks are relatively quick and low cost, too, especially if you conduct them yourself.

Are there any drawbacks to a social background check? Make sure that this process doesn’t discriminate; if you conduct a social media search on one candidate this should be a standard process for every applicant. You must also be sure that hidden biases related to race, religion, sexual orientation, or other demographics do not put you, as the employer, at risk for a discrimination lawsuit. We recommend the development of a careful set of screening criteria when conducting a social media background check. That way the process is carefully documented and the rules are set for your goals and what the hiring manager is looking for online.

Social Media Checks Can Give Real Insights On The Candidate

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