As always, the development team here at cBizSoft has been working hard at making Exelare the best recruiting & staffing software on the planet!  In addition to the customary bug fixes and incremental tweaks, we are excited to announce a few improvements you are sure to love.  The features below are specific to the Exelare for Windows App.  Lets dive right in!

Improved Dynamic View Editing

You now have increased control over what columns/fields you would like to see in your Dynamic Views.  Before today you were limited on the available fields you could show in any given view.  We have now changed that to give you a large amount of additional fields to choose from, including custom user fields.  If your administrator has given you permission, you can now ‘Customize a View’ from the navigation menu and choose which fields should be displayed to your users by default.  This lets administrators keep control over what fields should and should not be displayed.  Of course users can still customize their views individually by simply hiding and rearranging from the fields made available to them.   >> Learn More

Improved Advanced Search

In addition to Live Search, and the existing Advanced Search Features, we have added a few additional things users can search by.  Now in addition to searching in Resumes, QNotes & Summaries, you can also search across Activities, Notes, Status’ and Emails!  We know this additional level of search will be welcomed by a lot of our users who have been asking for this additional functionality.    >>Learn More

Outlook Calendar Auto-Sync

You have always been able to Sync your Exelare Calendar with Outlook, but up until now it has been a manual process.  You had to click on the ‘Sync’ button in Outlook.  For users who want something more automated, we have heard your requests!  There is now an option to ‘Auto-Sync’ your Exelare calendar with Outlook!  You’ll need the most recent version of our Outlook Plugin, xBar to do it.   Make sure to download the latest version of xBar, and then head over to our Knowledge Base to learn how to set it up!   >> Learn More

iCalendar (iCal)  Feeds

Do you use some calendar other than Outlook?  If so, head on over to your user options and locate your new iCal feed.  Many third party calendar applications accept this industry standard iCal feed to display calendars for other software applications like Exelare.  Before you try using your iCal feed, first check with your calendar program of choice and find out how to add iCal feeds. Follow their instructions on how to integrate your Exelare iCal feed into their application.   >> Learn More

Skype Integrated Calling

In addition to our RingCentral and TAPI based Outbound dialing options, we just released the ability to make outbound calls from Exelare using Skype!  >> Learn More

Update to SendGrid Integration

Our SendGrid integration has worked with Exelare for Web for quite some time now,  but it is now live inside of Exelare For Windows as well.  This means you can sign in and use the SendGrid integration exactly the same was as you are used to from our web app.   If you have been considering using a managed mail server from SendGrid, they have recently changed their prices.  They now have plans as low as $9.99 Per Month for up to 40,000 emails per month.   This is a great option for those of you who send a lower volume of email each month, but still want the added benefits you get with a SendGrid Email Account.   >>Learn More

xBar Update – Open Contacts From xBar

Our Outlook Plugin, xBar has had a few minor updates.  Specifically the Calendar Auto-Sync option, and the ability to Open an Email senders profile up directly from Outlook, without needing to search for that contact or candidate inside of Exelare.  Very handy!  Make sure to download the latest version of xBar to see the new features.

Improvements to Software Auto-Updates

Moving forward, users will now only have to give Admin Permission when Exelare is first being installed.  After that the software will now auto-update without needing Admin permissions in the future.  This will go a very long way in helping our clients IT Departments have zero maintenance responsibilities after approving an initial install.  This also allows IT departments to retain control over approved software and keep their networks extremely secure – just as they should be.  

Cannot Create new Item/Permission

We added a new permission inside of Exelare.  The ability to restrict who can create records.  If your business model requires that only certain users can create certain types of records, you now have the ability to make that happen.   Click on ‘Settings>Users’ inside of Exelare to see the new permission added in each section of the software.  

Auto-Populate Subject Feature for Activities

Designed to save just a few extra seconds every time you schedule an activity.  Exelare will now auto-populate key details of an activity record into the Subject line of the activity.  For example, when scheduling a call with a candidate, you will notice the Type (ie: Call, Interview, Task, etc..) and the name of the candidate auto-populates to the subject line.  

Improvements to Job Posting & Social Job Sharing (+ TechFetch)

Prior to now, Job Postings & Social Network Sharing has been only available in Exelare for Web.  However it is now available to all Exelare for Windows users as well!  We have also added support for the popular IT talent site, TechFetch!  Our unique interface allows users to post jobs one at a time – or in bulk – to the following Job Boards & Social Networks:  LinkedIn (Jobs & Social Streams), Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, TechFetch, Seek (Australia), Facebook & Twitter. This is in addition to our existing functionality which pushes jobs automatically to sites such as Indeed, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, DocCafe & Others using an XML Jobs Feed.  


Many of these features have been heavily requested by our users.  We hope they are useful to everyone.  We are already hard at work on the next round of feature updates as well so stay tuned!  Feel free to email if you have any questions whatsoever.  Happy Hunting!