Happy New Year to all our amazing clients & users.  We are working on a number of “Big” features currently, so be on the lookout for those new features in the coming weeks/months.  That said, we wanted to release a few new features in the interim and in honor of the new year.  Check out the features below and send us an email if you have any questions!

Social Profile Links in iTabs

No more need to look outside of Exelare for those all important Social Profiles!  You’ll now notice that in addition to the Resume Previews, you’ll see iTabs for LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Indeed!  As you start to use the feature, it should be self explanatory, but we’ll give you a hint anyway.

If you already have the social profile link stored in the candidate record, it will show the profile automatically when you click on the tab.  However, if the profile link is missing, Exelare will do its best to search for that candidate so you can quickly locate the correct profile for your contact or candidate.

Tip:  Highlight any text from the iTabs and simply “Drag & Drop” the data to a corresponding field in Exelare! – Click here to see a video overview

xTabs in edit form

A number of clients have asked for the ability to view xTabs data directly inside a Company, Contact, Candidate or Job Form.  This way you can maximize the edit form and see all the data related to that entity on one big screen.  We went ahead and implemented it and like the result so far!  Let us know what you think.


Ctrl+Click on jump link – to edit any item

Anywhere you see a blue hyperlink, simply hold your Ctrl button on your keyboard down and then click the link.  Instead of ‘Jumping’ to the record, the record will open directly.  This is very handy for editing records without needing to open a totally new tab.  – Click here to view a video tutorial

Candidate Sourcing changes

A number of small changes/improvements have been made to the Candidate sourcing feature.  The most notable being the ability to choose Canada as a country when searching.  Have you automated your searches using our sourcing module yet?  If not, try connecting your Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice & Indeed accounts today and give it a try!

Single-click complete activities in Calendar view

In a hurry to complete an an appointment on your calendar?  Now you can simply right click on the item and choose ‘Complete’ to automatically complete the item.  This will eliminate the need to open the item and manually complete it.  Just a small step in our effort to help you minimize clicks!


AppPermissions for DView/SView and GridView.

This is an advanced setting, so please use with caution!  We now have the ability – using AppPermissions – to hide certain Dynamic Views, Static Views or GridViews for specific users.  The below code illustrates an example.  If you understand what it says, feel free to play around with it.  For anyone who doesn’t understand and wants to hide certain views, please contact our support team:




<DView EntityID=”Consultants” ID=”All” IsVisible=”False” />

<DView EntityID=”Consultants” ID=”DuplicatesName” IsVisible=”False” />

<DView EntityID=”Consultants” ID=”Duplicates” IsVisible=”False” />




Adding ApptSubtype into subject for new appointments (“Type, Subtype: DisplayName”).

When scheduling Activities or Tasks in Exelare, you should start to notice something new.  We are now auto-populating certain details such as the Appointment Type, SubType, and DisplayName.  This way subject lines are automatically created for you and are relevant when looking at large lists of tasks and appointments.  Go ahead, schedule a new task with a SubType and see how it works!

Fixed Random ‘Out of Memory Bug’

For some users, they were getting random ‘Out of Memory’ errors.  It was rare, but still a nuisance to those who experienced it.  Our team was able to find out the issue and let us just say:   “Bug Squished!”



Again, Happy New Year to you and your team from our team here at Exelare.  We hope you like some of these new features.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve Exelare for everyone!