We are excited to announce another great set of features for Exelare For Windows. Many of these features are here because you – our valued clients – have asked for them. We hope they help you in your quest to serve your clients and make more placements!

Filtering Data in Grids By Lookup

Using our unique ‘Live Search Bar’ is now even more powerful. In addition to searching any field within the search bar, you can now also filter by multiple values, using the field lookups of each field. Just click on the black inverted triangle icon on each column header to bring up the lookup window and choose the values you want to filter by. > Learn More

Setting ‘Default’ Accounts for Single & Bulk/Mass Emails

Exelare is very powerful for sending email communications to your candidates & clients. You can integrate with multiple email servers depending on your needs. Sometimes it can feel almost too powerful since you have the option of choosing a sending account on each and every email you send. To make things easier, we have now given you the option to set any account as the ‘Default’ for single emails (emails you send one at a time) and bulk or mass emails (emails you send out to multiple people at once. > Learn More

Drag & Drop attachments when sending emails

In addition to manually selecting documents from any folder on your computer, you now have the ability to simply ‘Drag & Drop’ any file directly into an email. This can make things much faster if you already have a resume or document ready to go. No need to re-search for it when attaching. > Learn More

Email Documents from Documents Tab

You can now right click on any document in the documents xTabs and choose to email that document. This makes it easy to quickly send out documents you have already uploaded to Exelare without extra effort. > Learn More

Resume Comparison Tool

It is now possible to compare the resume of a candidate with past versions of the resume or any other document linked to that candidate – or on the hard drive of your computer! This is extremely useful when you want to know what data in a resume has changed. This feature lets you view – side by side or in line – and highlight the changes. > Learn More

Clickable Hyperlinks from the Grid

You now have the ability to click on hyperlinks such as phone numbers, email addresses & websites directly from the grid view. This can really help speed you up when wanting to send quick emails, place outbound phone calls, or quickly hop to the website of a contact or candidate. > Learn More

Update to Monster.com Job Posting Feature

When posting jobs in bulk to Monster.com, users used to only be able to post to ‘Transactional’ Inventory type jobs. We have updated this to allow users to also post to ‘Slot’ type jobs as well.

Improvements to ‘Source Candidates’ Feature

When sourcing candidates from Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice & TechFetch, the search results/keywords are now highlighted in the text of the resume. This allows for much faster ‘scanning’ of resumes, similar to how it already works in Advanced Searching inside of Exelare.