This week’s feature release is all about your resumes!  You asked and we listened.  With these three new features, it is easier than ever to quickly view, edit and submit resumes from Exelare.  We have eliminated a ton of steps to make the process painless for you!  Read on for more details…

Preview Resumes in their Native Formats

The number one requested feature on our requests forum is the ability to preview resumes in their native formats.  We are happy to announce that this is now possible to do in Exelare for Windows!  Previously in Exelare you could only see a Text based ‘Copy’ of the default resume.  No more!  You can now also view the native format of the resume right from the candidate list view. It works with Word, PDF, HTML, or Text!   > Learn More

Edit Word Resumes on the Fly

Another feature to save you time!  Now whenever you open a resume from a candidate profile (Word & RTF resumes only), you can edit the resume in its native word format and then save those changes automatically back to the database!  No need to save and manually re-upload the resume!  > Learn More

Auto Branding of Resume Submissions

Representation is everything!  We now make it easy to automatically insert your company logo, contact details, or anything else you want in the headers & footers of your resume submissions.  Once you customize your settings, its all automatic after that.  No more uploading & downloading, or copying & pasting for all your resumes.  > Learn More