Today, the early recruiter gets the worm. By this, we mean that waiting on a candidate to apply for a job doesn’t work. Instead, the recruiter must develop call lists of passive candidates and reach out to them regularly to nurture them into the candidate pipeline. Hiring the best talent requires research and building a good list of quality candidates. How can an applicant tracking system like Exelare help recruiters build a better list to reach their hiring goals?

Here is How Exelare Can Help You

Best Practices for Building a Good Call List

Sourcing candidates is hard. Some of the challenges include:

  • Failing to build the right candidate profile upfront.
  • Making sure candidates have the right skills for the job.
  • Ensuring the candidate understands the job.
  • Problems getting in touch with the candidate.
  • Competing with other recruiters for the same candidate.
  • Not knowing which social platforms or job boards will yield the best candidate.
  • A lack of automation to help recruiters work smarter.

The first step toward any sourcing effort these days is to have a deep technology stack that gives you the digital tools to succeed. Exelare’s state-of-the-art sourcing algorithms help recruiters and sourcers be more successful at finding active and passive candidates with accurate contact details. This can boost your efficiency, particularly when seeking out those hard-to-fill positions. 

Some of the Exelare features that can help your recruiting team find a better list of active and passive candidates include:

  • Active job indexing features for your open positions that integrate well with all the major job boards like Glassdoor, Indeed, JobServe, and more.
  • Job posting in bulk on Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Dice, and a whole lot more. This makes for an easier candidate management process that saves time.
  • Automated social media distribution of your job posts that integrate with overlays like HootSuite or TwitterFeed. This feature is brilliant for creating marketplace buzz with a passive candidate pool.
  • Job list email marketing features allow you to research your candidate pool and then automate an email sequence to these candidates to reach them consistently with jobs and good news about why they’d want to pick your company over someone else.
  • All of these features are managed by our jobs portal creating a positive experience for the candidate and the recruiter. 

Are You Ready To Get Help From Exelare?

We know recruiters and sourcers can encounter all kinds of hurdles in their efforts to build the perfect call list. Exelare was designed to overcome them. To find out how we can help you source more candidates, contact us for a demo today.