Every recruiter knows the best candidates are already employed. It doesn’t matter what the unemployment roster looks like; the best talent is highly sought after and rarely easily available. That makes a recruiter with the ability to find and source passive candidates some of the most skilled in the industry today. If you don’t actively look for passive job candidates as a regular part of your day, this article will give you tips to get started and become more successful. 

Passive Candidate Sourcing 101 

Research shows that passive job candidates are 120% more likely to make a big positive splash at their next company. That’s what every recruiter is looking for, but how can you find and entice these candidates to make a job jump when they aren’t even looking? 

Posting an ad, even in a down economy, won’t help you find the best candidate. Passive sourcing is a controlled process where you research the best candidate for the job and reach out to them to invite them to apply. Studies show these candidates are worth the time and effort you put in: 

Now that we understand the value of a sourced candidate, let’s look at the best ways to reach them: 

  • Social media remains the best way to reach passive candidates. Many recruiters use LinkedIn—and we mean MANY recruiters. The platform has grown so saturated with recruiters looking for talent that it’s gotten harder to make a connection. 52% of hiring managers say passive candidate recruiting is much harder now because LinkedIn is so oversaturated. This means you should use candidates other social medial tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. There are all kinds of ways to use these tools. For example: 
  • Twitter has advanced search features. Look for profiles with hashtags that relate to the industry or job title you’re seeking. 
  • Facebook has search features, but you can also run a pay per click ad for a relatively low cost. Since many recruiters aren’t using this platform yet, your candidate may be more likely to respond. 
  • Instagram stories are an excellent place to showcase your company culture or get the word out about the cool job you’re recruiting for. 
  • Invest in automation tools. Having the right technology takes a lot of the busywork out of sourcing passive candidates. Using smart technology with elements of artificial intelligence can speed up your efficiency and reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane tasks. Your technology can find a target list of candidates and then automate, reaching out to them to gauge their interest. It can also set up regular touch base contacts with your network of candidates, no matter how large it may be. 

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