Promoting from within is a good sign of a healthy organization. Businesses that promote leaders from an internal pool of employees are the organizations that invest in their teams. To the outsider looking in, a company that trains, supports, mentors, or otherwise helps grow their employees into new roles and responsibilities is a positive work environment. Here’s why upskilling your current workforce into new roles will help your business succeed.

Benefits of Promoting from Within

There are many benefits to promoting employees from within your organization. For example:

  • It boosts employee engagement and morale. We would be shocked if a single employee on your team wouldn’t be interested in a promotion. Most workers want meaningful, engaging work that inspires them to do their best every day. Promoting from within gives these employees something to work toward that keeps them contributing to the success of the organization.
  • It makes for smoother transitions in leadership roles. Bringing in an outsider into your organization is always risky. An internal resource already knows the culture, the history, and even the tools they need to get things done. Production increases when you promote from within because there is less time acclimating to the existing culture that’s always a part of the new hire experience. There’s a shorter learning curve with an internal candidate and that’s like money in the bank for your production numbers.
  • It helps you attract more job candidates. If you’re like 99% of the rest of the world these days, you’re struggling to find talent. But imagine the impression you’ll leave with a candidate when they ask why the job they’re applying to is open. You have two choices: 
    A. Turnover caused the opening or 
    B. We promoted the employee from that role. 
    Which answer do you think would put your company in the best light for a prospective candidate?
  • Saves time and labor. If you’re promoting from within there is no time spent on sourcing candidates to fill the higher leadership position. Instead, you’re choosing the known factor, the ready-made candidate from a pool of existing employees. That leaves you trying to fill the lower-level role the employee was promoted from. It’s usually easier to find someone to fill jobs that take fewer skills over a leadership position. This will likely save you time and money in the job search.

Put Your Trust in Exelare!

To manage your internal and external candidate pool, it takes a highly intelligent, user-friendly applicant tracking system like Exelare. Our tool can help you track the training and effort to upskill every new candidate, every employee, and finally, the promotion to leadership. Talk with our team about how we are a critical resource for forward-thinking organizations that promote from within—like yours.