Two important functions organizations perform when seeking out talented individuals are sourcing and recruiting. Some people confuse these processes and automatically assume they are one-and-the-same. However, they are not the same thing; rather, sourcing is just one vital and essential piece of the entire recruitment and job placement processes.

Both sourcing and recruiting have their own specific goals and objectives. With sourcing, the primary purpose is to scour various resources to build a talent pool of qualified individuals for specific jobs.

Recruiting, on the other hand, involves reviewing job applications, resumes, and information obtained from sourcing procedures to narrow down the search for a job opening and determine which candidates could be ideal for the position, as well as to schedule interviews with specific, qualified individuals.

To learn more about the differences between sourcing and recruiting, and how sourcing can benefit your recruiting team, please feel free to continue reading the following infographic.

Infographic Depicting the Main Differences Between Recruiting and Sourcing

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