Job boards play an essential role in the candidate search process, offering significant benefits to recruiters by reaching thousands of job seekers. Unfortunately, manual job posting can take hours. For recruiters, this means wasting time formatting to fit the job board and a manual process of posting page by page, platform by platform.  

If your recruiting team is approaching job ads with a manual, time-consuming process, you’re doing it wrong. Modern applicant tracking systems (ATS) platforms take the manual process and automate it. Here’s how Exelare ATS can help your team save time, and your business save money with the click of a button.  

Using the Right Tool for the Job  

Exelare’s ATS is the perfect example of how an ATS platform can automate the tedious process of posting an ad manually to job boards.   

This process starts with the perfect ad, of course. A professionally written ad can still make all the difference in the type of candidates you attract to the application process. Once the ad is created, recruiters don’t have to post it manually across dozens of job sites. An ATS like Exelare is linked to all the major job boards in your region. Just upload the job description and click one button to post to some of the hottest job sites like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and many more.   

If you’re a staffing agency working with a vendor management system (VMS), even better. Exelare integrates with most VMS platforms, which can help you automate jobs as they come in. But the tool doesn’t stop there. Some of the additional features of Exelare’s ATS include:  

  • Automatic job list marketing via email to promote open jobs to candidates, vendors, and other business partners. Email marketing is a compelling way to spread the word about your job ad, and Exelare is a great tool to help you do it automatically with minimal time spent on manual efforts.  
  • Centralized communications on one internal job hub page: Your team can eliminate outdated spreadsheets or status reports so that everyone is always, literally, on the same page. Pipelining and status tracking can all be seen via a management portal that shows online applications, new submissions from vendors, and the effort of your recruiting team to fill each role.   
  • Integration with social media to further your reach: We know that candidates are active on these sites, and Exelare integrates well with these tools through our alliance with HootSuite, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, and many more.  

The days of manual recruiting processes are over. Today there are sophisticated candidate tracking tools that help recruiters work smarter. That’s like money in the bank for companies seeking to streamline their processes and improve their time to hire ratios.   

If your team isn’t performing up to par, maybe they don’t have the right tools to increase their effectiveness. A demo of the Exelare ATS is an excellent way to spend your time. Our ROI is clear. Call us to find out more.