Not everyone can make it as a recruiter. It’s a hard job even when the economy is terrible, and people are begging for jobs. There’s no trick to finding the best talent when you’re overrun with resumes, just a lot of hard work sourcing, screening, and negotiating with candidates and employers to close the deal and get people hired. 

Your recruiting and hiring teams need help to keep up with all the tasks associated with the talent finding business. Exelare offers recruiting teams subscription software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can give even the smallest companies a competitive hiring edge. Here’s what Exelare can offer your recruiting team.  

Exelare’s Features and Benefits 

You could pay twice as much for all the services we roll into one software package. Exelare’s applicant tracking system (ATS) can handle everything associated with your hiring process. Far from being a just holding tank for candidate resumes, this software is the backbone of every piece of your HR process. Some of our features include: 

  • A centralized communication hub, integrated with your existing email and calendars. Imagine emailing a candidate straight from their ATS record. When they reply, it appears in your Outlook, Gmail, or whatever you’re using to communicate, and then stores in the candidate’s Exelare file. Instead of working back and forth between the ATS and your existing calendar, everything is integrated, so there is no wasted time on workflows that don’t make sense. 
  • Intelligent search features make it easy for you to find the perfect candidate for the job—fast. You can tag resumes with job description keywords so you can rapidly search for former applicants who may be the perfect fit for that opening you have now.  
  • Mass emailing and mail merge gives you the power of a mass marketing campaign for any open jobs you’re trying to fill. We offer one of the most flexible email marketing solutions baked right into the ATP solution to help you reach more candidates faster. 
  • Pipeline and status tracking make it easy to see who is working on what, how is your time to hire by the job, how many interviews have been conducted, and more. Having this kind of information at your fingertips can help you learn a lot about your candidate hiring process and then help you improve it. 
  • Resume harvesting is automated over more than 200 resume boards, websites, and social media profiles. Just set the parameters of the skills you’re looking for, and Exelare will do the research. Imagine coming into work the next day with a pile of resumes to review that already have the skills you want. 
  • SMS/text messaging is still the best way to reach today’s candidates. This function integrates your conversation directly into the candidate record, so texting is risk-free from a compliance perspective. With Exelare you can send a job candidate a text as quickly and efficiently as an email.  

Ready for a demo? Exelare was designed with even small recruiting teams in mind. Our subscription software offers companies of all sizes an enterprise turnkey solution to improve their hiring process. Contact us to find out more.