Gallup says only one in 10 people have the skills to become a manager. It’s a huge problem for employers because the data shows 63% of the workforce are planning to leave their jobs, citing a bad manager. The truth is that the employee/manager relationship matters to the longevity of your workforce. So, employers should spend more time helping their managers become better leaders. Here are four tips for how to do that. 

How Can a Manager Become a Better Leader?

1. Develop Your People

It might seem strange that our first suggestion is for your managers to spend more time in the development of teams and less time on management, but that is exactly what they should do. Bad managers micromanage and focus solely on tasks and projects. Leaders empower their workforce to do their jobs well by giving them the skills and tools they need to succeed. The best leaders understand what motivates their workforce and use that leverage to create the kind of work environment where people who want to succeed—do. 

2. Communicate More, Not Less

Creating a level of transparency with your team is important to build trust. Your managers should share important details about the “why” of things. Why is the quota going up? Why are you worried about production? Why can’t we find the talent we need? Managers impose rules from the top down with no explanation, just with the expectation that they’ll be followed. Leaders talk openly with their teams about how decisions are being made and how those decisions were influenced by the company’s bottom line. 

3. Trust You Team by Delegating Tasks

The best leaders know that their employees grow through task delegation. Leaders know it’s their daily goal to delegate critical job duties specifically geared to empower their workforce. This doesn’t mean that the manager sits around all day while employees do all the work. Instead, it’s a way to engage their workforce by giving them increasingly challenging tasks that keep them interested. Delegation means you trust your workers. It allows an opportunity to climb the ladder, learn skills, and grow within your organization.

4. Lead by Example

We know that no one is perfect. But managers who transition into real leaders in a company strive openly to improve. They’re not afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers. But they will commit to finding out the answer. Leaders reflect every day on the qualities that make them better in their job. They admit mistakes and try to do better the next time. Leading teams is a learning process. It is your commitment to learning that sets you apart.

Are You On Your Way to Becoming a Better Leader?

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