These days, it seems we do just about everything on our mobile devices. From banking and checking email to ordering food and surfing the web, the list is nearly endless. And there’s a good reason for that: it’s convenient and easy.  

But mobile apps are beneficial for much more than personal use. In the business world, mobile software and technology is widespread, and the staffing and recruiting industry is no exception. Think about it – most job seekers are searching for open roles on their phones, not sitting in front of a desktop monitor. They might even be job searching on-the-go while commuting or taking their lunch break. And that’s why mobile recruiting software makes so much sense in today’s landscape. 

Is your staffing agency using a mobile app? If not, it’s time to consider it. Mobile recruiting apps allow staffing companies to connect with job seekers anywhere in the world, at any time, and it enhances the candidate experience and keeps your firm top-of-mind with job seekers. But the benefits don’t stop there.  

Here are five benefits of mobile apps for staffing agencies:

#1: Access Data Remotely with Apps for Staffing Agencies  

Thanks to our smartphones, everything we need is at our fingertips – literally. And that’s just as true for recruiters as it is for anyone else. Whether your recruiters work from home, are at an on-site client meeting, or they’re out to lunch, they can access data remotely when using mobile recruiting software. That greatly increases communication with candidates because recruiters are able to respond to questions, concerns, or issues at any time, from anywhere.  

Another benefit of having your recruiting team use mobile recruiting apps is that it centralizes all data and communications in a single place. Information isn’t scattered in various places – files on separate computers or threads in different email chains, for example – so everyone who needs access to certain data points can have it easily. Streamlining your operations and communications in this way is just another one of the big benefits of using mobile apps designed for staffing. 

#2: Mobile Recruiting is the Future of Staffing 

According to data from, more than 70% of young adults use a smartphone when searching for a job. Two out of five candidates prefer to work with a chatbot during the search and placement process. To put it simply: Mobile recruiting is the future of the staffing industry – and it’s already here. 

Job seekers aren’t the only ones who benefit from mobile recruiting apps. On the recruiters’ side, mobile apps are just as convenient and helpful. As mentioned above, the ability to access data anytime, from anywhere, is game-changing. Recruiters can see everything they need to know about a candidate at a glance – and take the necessary steps to engage with them without the need to be at their desk in an office. 

An important note: Because job seekers are applying through mobile apps more than ever, recruiters need to ensure applications are mobile-friendly. According to CareerBuilder, as many as 40% of mobile-apply candidates quit the application process before finishing. Why? Because the application wasn’t mobile-friendly and proved too difficult. Updating applications to work properly on mobile is essential in today’s recruiting and hiring environment.  

#3: Mobile Recruiting Apps Improve Brand Awareness

Here’s a benefit of mobile recruiting software that you might not have considered: It’s a way to extend your company brand and culture directly to job candidates. Your branding and logo can come across through the mobile screen, subconsciously bonding the job seeker with your company, and they’ll be further connected when they have a great user experience thanks to mobile technology.  

This is a benefit when it comes to recruiting passive candidates as well as active ones. Passive candidates tend to invest a lot of time into researching a company before pursuing an opportunity – because they don’t necessarily need the job. They’re probably doing this research during their off hours, likely through a phone. When a passive candidate has a great mobile experience and connects with your brand through the mobile app, you’re that much closer to securing that candidate because you’ve made a great first impression.  

#4: Increase Recruiter Productivity with Real-Time Notifications

Mobile staffing apps allow recruiters to receive smart or real-time notifications right on their phones, which means they know immediately when something happens – a candidate applies, someone has a question, or a candidate decides to withdraw their application, for example. Recruiters can be more productive and responsive because they have real-time insight into what’s going on with their candidates. 

The power of real-time notifications is also beneficial because candidate communication doesn’t necessarily happen when it’s convenient. Consider this: many candidates – especially passive ones – might be communicating with your recruiter during their lunch break, or sneaking a call during their own work hours. Or, they’re doing it in the evening after work. While you don’t want to get in the habit of having your recruiters be on-call 24/7, it’s very helpful when recruiters can meet candidates where they are: online, at any time of day.  

#5: Mobile Staffing Accelerates the Hiring Process

An accelerated hiring process is good for everyone. It lets recruiters get people through the hiring funnel faster and have more successful placements; it allows job seekers to spend less time interviewing and filling out paperwork and more time onboarding and getting started. And mobile staffing technology is very helpful when it comes to accelerating the entire process.  

Because mobile recruiting software makes things so instantaneous, the entire process goes faster. New job orders, clients, candidates, and notes can be added to the system in moments – for everyone to see and use. When a position is filled, a recruiter can close out the job order and get to work right away on filling the next one. And we know that a quick hiring process improves candidate satisfaction. No one wants to labor through weeks of waiting between interviews, or days between responses from their recruiter. Through the power of mobile apps, candidates can get through the process and get to work in a matter of days, rather than several weeks.  

Exelare is the Premier ATS Mobile App for Staffing Agencies

Is your recruiting firm in the market for mobile recruiting software like an ATS mobile app? You’ve come to the right place. Exelare’s mobile recruiting solutions for staffing agencies give you and your recruiters access to all your data at your fingertips so you can enjoy all the benefits listed above – remote data access, more brand awareness, a better candidate experience, more recruiter productivity, and a faster end-to-end hiring process.  

Our mobile applicant tracking software apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices – that means you can stay on top of your work no matter what kind of technology you work with. Our mobile app allows you to pull up company, contact, candidate, and job data, and you can send emails, view and submit resumes, add notes, schedule interviews, and much more all from the device in your hand. 

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