Exelare is proud to offer a state-of-the-art software tool to help your recruiting process. Candidate sourcing software helps recruiters and managers find and identify potential candidates. This blog will cover some benefits of using Exelare’s sourcing and recruiting software to help you find, screen, and hire candidates.

How Can Candidate Sourcing Software Help Your Recruiting Team?

Sourcing candidates these days is a full-time endeavor. Most industries still need help finding enough qualified job candidates to fill their open roles. But it helps to have the right software as a backbone for your sourcing and recruiting efforts.

The typical sourcing software includes a database of resumes and candidate profiles. But it also has tools for searching and filtering this data to find candidates who match specific job requirements. Here are a few ways that candidate sourcing software can help your recruitment efforts:

Improve efficiency

Candidate sourcing software lets you quickly and easily search through large batches of resumes to find the most qualified job candidates. This software saves time over manually reviewing resumes.

Better candidate quality

Advanced search and filtering tools allow you to find candidates who match specific job requirements. Instead of sifting through dozens of applications, you can only target those candidates who have the job skills you need. These keyword searches speed up your search process but also help you find better candidates faster.

Improved organization

Candidate sourcing software includes features to organize and track candidates. For example, you can tag resumes with specific keywords. Because these platforms follow candidates by stage in the recruiting process, you can immediately see who you’ve contacted and how many candidates you’ve screened. These features make it easier to manage multiple candidates for several jobs.

Enhanced collaboration

Many candidate sourcing tools include features for sharing candidates and notes with your colleagues. The entire hiring team can log in as see the candidate, rank them, add notes, and more. No more back-and-forth emails between you and the hiring team! Instead, everyone can look at the candidate profile and take notes directly on the platform. The benefit is that all your team members will be on the same page.

Increased automation

Mundane tasks tie us down. Sourcing software can automate essential functions to ensure a better candidate experience. For example, end-users can easily program the software to send an email when a candidate hits a particular stage. You can set up an automated email to go out just after you receive an application. Or managers can automate reporting analytics that goes to specific departments at certain times every month.

Exelare—Candidate Sourcing Tool for Recruiting Teams

Can Exelare’s powerful sourcing and recruiting software give you all the benefits we discussed? You bet we can. Even better, our platform can integrate with the other tools you use daily. Exelare offers a cloud-based sourcing and recruiting resource that blows the old CRM and ATS applications out of the water. Modern features and more innovative software set us apart. Are you ready for a free demo? Click here to get started.