Identifying the right candidate for the job is the definition of good recruiting. Today’s top candidates do not simply show up. Instead, they require work to define the right fit and then a careful effort to reach out and build the relationship. But what happens if the candidate won’t even respond to your first email. Is there a way to get the attention of the best candidates by crafting the perfect correspondence? We have suggestions that will help. 

Draft the Perfect Candidate Email 

The first thing you need to craft the perfect email is the right technology to identify the talent. These tools can automate your correspondence in a way that ensures you stay in front of the candidate long enough to get their attention. Instead of just throwing keywords together, you can use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to carefully hone your target audience. Give some thought to your targeting strategies to find the right mix of potential candidates. 

When you’re ready to craft an email to these targets, consider these best practices for drafting the perfect email: 

  • Personalize the subject line in a way that grabs attention. Keep in mind that the candidate is receiving an email from a completely unknown person. Think about how you can use the subject line to get their attention long enough to not simply discard the email. Try using the candidate’s name in a sentence something like, “Joe, there’s a new position you may be interested in.” 
  • Introduce yourself and why you’re reaching out. This should be no more than a sentence. For example, “Hi, Joe. I’m a recruiter with (company), and we have a programmer role I thought you’d be a great fit for.”  
  • Talk about the position clearly but concisely. Don’t be too vague but give position details, including the compensation and job requirements. However, don’t make this too long, just give the high points. 
  • Connect the candidate to the job and invite them to apply. Don’t assume the candidate’s interest, either, but you can say, “If you’re not happy in your current position, this is a great opportunity.” Let the candidate know you’d be happy to help them in the future. If they aren’t interested, ask if they’d be willing to forward the job description. 
  • Always wrap up by thanking them for their time. Let them know you think they’d be an excellent fit for the company. Give the candidate your contact information and ask if they’d like to chat. 

It’s hard to get the attention of potential candidates these days. A good ATS can help you automate some of the processes of keeping in touch with potential candidates so that, when they’re finally ready to make a change, they think of you first. Reaching out to cold candidates takes a long, thorough, organized process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Standing out from the crowd takes a good candidate email and the persistence to stay in touch with your networks over the long haul. 

Partner With the Experts!

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