Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are growing more sophisticated. While they can’t take on all of the recruiting functions for your organization, they can automate tasks so that your teams are spending time on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals. In this way, an ATS can contribute significantly to your bottom line by making your team more productive. 

There are many ATS platforms on the market today. Why should you invest in these tools, and how can you be sure you’ve made the right choice? 

Why Invest in an ATS? 

There is simply no better way to handle the myriad tasks required for candidate sourcing, hiring, and orientation than today’s modern ATS platform. Not only can these tools help you from an organizing perspective to help keep your activities straight, they can automate essential but mundane tasks, while keeping you compliant with state and federal hiring laws. 

A quality ATS can become the hub of your recruiting efforts. Manual processes lack consistency, measurement, and therefore, the results you need to reduce your time to hire. An ATS can track activities and then run sophisticated metrics on what needs improving until your recruiting machine is a well-organized effort to nurture relationships with your top talent. How can an ATS help your business? 

  • ATS platforms save time. If you are manually going through resumes and posting ads to job boards, you know how much time these tools can take. The best platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you pre-screen candidates automatically, saving you the time it takes to troll through resumes. These tools let you set pre-qualifying questions up front to weed out candidates who are not the right fit. This saves enormous time for recruiters who waste effort on candidates who aren’t the right fit for your organization. 
  • ATS tools increase productivity. Today’s software lets your teams use features and functionalities that integrate email directly into the candidate record. These tools post to multiple job boards automatically. You can search by resume keyword, making it very easy to find the right candidate when you need them the most. Sophisticated analytics allow managers a 360-degree view of what hiring teams are doing at any given time. 
  • ATS software improves the quality of your candidates. Collaborative hiring processes within the software allows all end-users to add comments and other data that give you a fuller picture of the candidate well before an offer is made. Hiring teams can see all these notes on the candidate, captured efficiently in one place. This improves your insight and the decision-making process. 

Think these tools are expensive?

The truth is, they can be. That’s why Exelare offers our solution online in a software-as-a-service model. You can now have all of the tools even the biggest organizations use without the cost of a software license. One manageable monthly fee democratizes the efficiencies of modern ATS platforms for any business. 

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