Recruiting is a role where you improve the longer you work in a specific position. As recruiters get better at their job, the time to hire process reduces, and efficiencies improve. The last thing you want is for this skilled worker, who has reached their maximum efficiency, to leave. Here are some of the top pain points your recruiter may have today and how you can alleviate them.

It’s Hard to Get All of My Daily Tasks Organized

Recruiting is an incredibly task-intensive process. If your recruiter can’t stay organized around their daily activities, they are going to rapidly fall behind and become frustrating. From sourcing resumes to trolling candidates, interviews, scheduling, communicating with stakeholders and candidates, making offers—and these are just a few of the tasks necessary around just one candidate. Now imagine having three or five reqs open during the course of a day.

Check-in with your recruiting teams to discuss what their workload is like. Sometimes all they need is a better applicant tracking system. Exelare uses the latest in intelligent computing to automate traditionally manual tasks to help your recruiting teams work smarter. The platform centralized all job activities, so your recruiters will never lose time hunting for documentation. Emails are sent directly from the candidate record so that all communications are recorded there with no cutting and pasting. These are just a few of the time-savers the right tool can bring to your team.

Too Many Candidates Declining Job Offers

Even the most seasoned recruiter can feel discouraged by too many candidate refusals. By the time you make an offer, you’ve put about 90% of your work into that person. If you’re an in-house recruiter, that’s fine; you can move on to the next candidate. But if you’re a contingent recruiter, you don’t get paid until the candidate is placed. Work closely with your recruiters before they become frustrated. Teach them to pre-qualify the candidate close with phrases such as, “If we would make you an offer of $X tomorrow, would you take the job?” Recruiters should be trained to ask candidates what other opportunities they have on the table to prevent them from taking your job. Recruiting managers should stay alert to these common frustrations and mitigate these concerns by giving their team better skills to close more deals.

Too Many Unqualified Candidates Applying for My Jobs

Placing an ad on a generic job board today will flood your ream with unqualified candidates. It can take days to screen through all of these resumes, and most recruiters are keenly aware of how this runs up their time to hire numbers. There has to be a better way! Instead, consider using Exelare to target particular types of candidates and then conduct one comprehensive search to find just the right potential employees.

The Recruiter Doesn’t Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools to do the job is a promise that an employer should make to their worker. Investing in the best applicant tracking system is the bare minimum an employer can do to ensure their workers have everything they need to be successful.

That’s where Exelare can help. Our ATS leverages the most sophisticated AI software algorithms to help your recruiting teams maximize their efficiencies. Investing in this tool will help alleviate the frustrations your recruiting teams are feeling today. Consider a demo of our product and start to see the possibilities.